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5 Keys to Get Started with Social Media

If you have ever gotten on MySpace and seen businesses, you were looking at an example of how to use social media for business promotions. Social media has become one of the most popular methods of advertising, and much of it is free. However, beyond MySpace are several other social media outlets. Here are 5 key outlets for social media and how you can use them.

Key 1: MySpace and Facebook

These are friend finder sites, and should be used as such. When you find friends, you can post bulletins to them and communicate with them seamlessly. You can also advertise special events and invite others on your list.

Key 2: Wikis

Wikipedia is probably the best example, but there are also others. If you are sharing information, you will be establishing yourself as an expert. When you do post to wikis, make sure you back up your post with sources and know what you're talking about.

Key 3: Virtual Reality Sites

Many people are making a lot of money by participating on games like Second Life and Sims Online. However, before you join a site make sure you will not be violating rules by making money through your membership.

Key 4: Media Sharing

Have a funny commercial for your business that you and your friends taped just for fun? Post it on YouTube and see what happens. Note: this will only work as long as the subject of your business is not too serious. It would not work, for instance, for a funeral home.

Key 5: Bookmarks

Do not forget the social bookmark when thinking about social media. These can be very lucrative connections, as can blogging and forums.

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