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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Social Media for Business

Like with anything good, there is always a down side and this is also true of using social media for businesses. Let's have a look at some of the benefits and drawback of this new route to market.

Advantage 1

Social media allows you to reach a much wider audience than traditional offline forms of marketing. So rather than spending hours on hours attending networking events in your local area, you can go through Twitter's database and 'follow' and interact with local companies or people in areas in which you would like to do business, a very time saving alternative.

Advantage 2

Whereas offline forms of marketing such as flyers, posters and magazine and newspaper adverts are extremely detached from your audience, you have no control as to whether they read your lovely leaflet, social media enable you to actually interact with a huge amount of people you don 't know. There is nothing wrong or uncomfortable about tweeting to someone you have never met before, where as some people find it extremely awkward to actually approach people at a networking event.

Disadvantage 1

If you 'tweet' or 'post' something you did not mean to say or regret saying, it does not matter how quickly you delete it, a lot of people will have seen it. Because so many people have profiles on these social media platforms you will embarrass yourself in front of thousands rather than just a couple of people.

Disadvantage 2

If you are not careful about how you use your social networking profiles professional 'friends' and 'follows' maybe witness to things you'd rather they were not such as drunken pics or banter between you and a friend which would not be suitable for the office. It is best to have two profiles, a business and personal one, although these can be extremely tedious to manage.

So, although there are disadvantages to using social media for business, as long as you are careful and use your common sense these can be easily avoided.

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