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Article Marketing-Content For Search Engines or Backlinks For Rankings?

Article marketing is one of the easiest ways to gain strong, presold web traffic today. Now, at one time, article marketing was used (and really still is, by some PPC web pages today) primarily for the generation of content for PPC and traffic – driven web sites.

But for the article writer himself, article writing provides the opportunity to create useful backlinks that can be used to increase search engine rankings over time.

When you write an article, you should do so with an end in mind. This should be to interest the reader to the extent that they want to use your article on their website. It is not sufficient just to write some general information so that visitors will click on some AdSense ads and make you money. Everybody does this and while AdSense is not dead as many have rumored, it is no longer the cash cow that is was. The way to make money now is from authority websites that provide useful information and that are monetized using several different income sources. Like any other, these websites have still to be advertised to be successful.

There are several ways of advertising your site online ranging from straight pay per click advertising to several forms of ad generation software, but by far the most productive is article marketing. This is what you do:

1) Write informative articles

2) Add text anchor backlinks to your articles

3) Submit your articles to the various online article directories.

4) Start step 1) over again.

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