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Baby Formula – Benefits of the Bottle

There has been much debate over whether breastfeeding or formula

is best for baby. While breastfeeding is healthier, it is also

time consuming and less sociably acceptable in today’s society.

This trend is always changing it seems like from year to year.

So with much debate, there are still some benefits that come

from bottle feedings. Let’s face it, if you’re a single mom and

your baby is in day care it’s just easier to bottle feed. So

here are some of the benefits that go along with bottle feedings.

– Public feedings tend to be easier. You don’t get those

disapproving looks from people while breastfeeding in a public

place. A bottle is easier than breastfeeding in public, less

embarrassing for other people as well as the mother, who has a

lot to worry about, while feeding her baby in a public place.

-Feeding the baby is less time consuming. When bottle feeding

your baby it can take up to 10 to 15 minutes where breastfeeding

can take up to that long but on each side, taking up to twice as

long than bottle feeding, and when a newborn is eating every 2

to 4 hours it can seem like all your doing is breastfeeding your

baby. So if you don’t have a lot of time bottle feeding can

help you out.

– Anyone can feed your baby formula, unlike breastfeeding where

the mother is the only one that can feed baby, until baby starts

solids. This can help involve the father of the baby as well,

unlike the breastfeed baby who can only eat from mom unless she

expresses milk. The dad can now share in the responsibility of

feeding baby, this helping mom get more sleep, because they can

trade off feedings. Also a babysitter, grandparent’s siblings

whoever can feed baby as well.

-It is easy to see how much baby is eating. When breastfeeding

many moms are concerned that baby is not getting enough to eat.

They can not see the intake, so this is a big concern when it

comes to breastfeeding. The bottle feed baby doesn’t have that

problem, the mom can see just how much the little bundle of joy

is eating this easing her worry of her baby eating enough to


-Bottle feed babies don’t need to eat as often, the bottle fed

baby eats once every three to four hours depending on the baby,

opposed to the breastfed baby who needs to eat every 2 hrs. The

milk protein in formula keeps baby full and satisfied longer.

-Bottle fed mothers don’t have to watch what they eat, they can

take medicine, or have a few drinks at dinner, and not have to

worry about it harming baby. The breast fed mother cannot, she

can’t drink caffeine or drink alcohol or take medicine because

that all goes thought to the baby.

-The bottle fed mom can diet as soon as the baby is born while

the breast fed mother cannot she still needs to eat for two, she

needs to eat more fatty things to ensure her milk keeps coming


Source by Brooke Schuman

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