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Backlinks Drive Traffic to Your Site

Driving traffic to your site is imperative if you are to experience success online, and backlinking is one of the best methods of generating this traffic. However, unless you are familiar with how to use backlinks effectively, you will not be able to benefit from this valuable tool.

Basically, backlinks are interactive bookmarks buried in the actual text of your website. These links connect your site to other websites and directories as well as connecting you to a worldwide network of users. These users may only have stumbled onto your website because of following the links. Although having a huge amount of backlinks to achieve a high ranking online is not necessary, having a few, well chosen links will do wonders for your search engine optimization.

After learning how to use backlinks, you will soon discover that quantity can not replace quality. Just having a collection of random backlinks scattered through your page will not raise your site ranking, nor will it increase traffic to your site. Your links are only valuable when you post links to websites that match both your site's content and meaning. For example, if your website discusses physics, then linking it to a website about astrophysics makes sense. However, linking to the Houston Astros is just a waste of a URL.

Article marketing is one of the preferred methods of driving traffic to your site using backlinks. Place a link back to your site within the "Resource Box" located at the end of every article that you market. Utilize as many article directories as you can as your articles will distributed through the web creating more backlinks from anyone who publishes them.

Feel free to ask for help if you are having difficulties learning how to use backlinks. Contact the administrators of websites whose content relates to your own and offer to trade links with them. Even if they do not accept your proposal, it's one more connection that may pay off in the future. Also, if you open your website up, by backlinking to their sites, site owners may rethink their decision. Submit your articles and links to bookmarking websites and as many article directories as you have time for.

Backlinking is not a complex process, but figuring out how to use backlinks can be complex to the beginner. As long as you take your time and choose quality websites, you should be able to build up a sizable assortment of links that will generate tons of traffic to your website. Be warned, you should not try to gather too many links at one time. Unrestricted growth may cause certain websites to block you, thinking that you may be a "bot" and not a person.

The beauty of using backlinks to drive traffic to your site is the fact that they are free. Compare that to an AdWords campaign and you can easily see the value.

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