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Benefits of Coaching For the Client

o A coach can be a source of encouragement, inspiration and / or motivation. Sometimes beginning the program, the client feels excited to move forward. But as with all businesses, there are some necessary tasks that may seem tedious and boring. This can result in the client inadvertently putting less emphasis on those still necessary tasks. A coach keeps his student on track.

o If a student feels discouraged or overwhelmed about some part of the business or coaching process, a coach can listen to what is causing the hurdle and encourage the student to get past it. Just as no person can know the answer to everything, a coach can provide new insights and different viewpoints to resolve hurdles.

o On a monthly basis, when a student pays for your regular coaching program, there is this very acute awareness that every single month they are paying for you to help them. Knowing that you are there and accessible can be very supportive for your student. Being able to access support, you act as a lifeline. This can be very helpful and comforting for students that may feel a little bit timid in their work.
o Some people need a coach to be a constant reference source. You are there to make sure that they do their homework assignments. You point out to them that by completing their homework assignments, they are enacting their plan to make goal achievement easier. This details into what I was saying earlier about PLANNING to achieve.

o Acting as a coach, being there to help them act accountable and responsible for their success, you limit program success liability to the student. This is a great way to help the student buildings self-confidence which is the hallmark of a great coach. And if they do not do the work you can not help them. And so just knowing that you are there and that they are paying you to act as an available guide, they can feel motivated to do more of the work.

o Achieving desired results. Of course, the long-run concept of a personal coaching program is results. The client gets more results as a side effect of simply being in a coaching program. The real results occur when you do as your coach advises. A the client, you feel more confident with "baby step" successes. And, you feel more confident knowing your coach is there helping you through each one of your program challenges.

o Another client benefit is that your coach sets up at least one expectation for you each month. Together as a team, you explain your abilities or limits so your coach knows what are realistic expectations for you. Once you establish your actual ability levels, your coach requires you to accept responsibility to move through that particular expectation using your actual abilities.

o Coaches assign homework from your lessons. Clients benefit from being given assignments because they learn how to develop prioritization skills. Clients learn the benefit of doing activities that directly result in receiving money instead of simply doing busywork. Usually, giving clients something tangible that they can work on can really help them gain better results. When the client associates action with the coaching, the client sees the value in enforce the doing of that homework. Again, this reiterates that simple phrase PLAN, and then ENACT your plan to ACHIEVE desired, purposeful results.

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