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Benefits of Drinking Water – How You Can Be Cured From Common Ailments by Drinking Pure Water

In a fascinating book called "Your Body's Many Cries For Water" that I recently read and highly recommend, the author gives an astounding presentation of the many benefits of drinking water.

Besides the other very interesting facts which stress the importance of drinking water, the author makes special reference to some common ailments that almost all of us suffer from time to time and shows that their most probable cause is dehydration. Below, I give you some examples:


Do not you just hate it when, after you had a stressful day, you think that your head will explode? Well, according to scientific evidence, the reason for your headache might be that you did not drink enough water during the day.

You see, 75% of our brain consists of water and when it detects that there is shortage of it, it produces histamines which cause pain and fatigue. The intention is to make us slow down our activities, so as to preserve the minimum water quantity that will allow our brain to function properly.

More often than not, a big glass of pure water and a 20 minute break will work better than any pain killer medicine to make our head go away!

Back Pain

Another one of the benefits of drinking water is that it helps us better cope with the anguish and pain of a sore back.

Let me explain.

The discs in our back are made up of an outer shell of flexible joint tissue which is filled with fluid pockets, mostly water. As long as these pockets are full, then they support the outer shell properly, so helping it to absorb the weight of our upper body.

When we move our body, then pressure is executed and released on the disks depending on the type of movement. This creates a suction which allows fluids in the body to enter the disc, so keeping them properly hydrated.

As you realize, when the fluid levels (especially water) in our body are low, then there is not enough to keep the discs properly hydrated. So, most of the weight load of our body is shifted on the outer disc shells. Most of you have experienced the results on your back or neck: Pain, swelling and soreness occurs.


The importance of drinking water is also diagnosed in the case of hypertension, that is the increase in pressure carried by our blood circulatory system on the arteries.

According to medical science, hypertension very often happens when our body detects blood volume loss. Since our blood is more than 83% water, then the most common cause of blood volume loss is dehydration.

In reaction to the reduced volume of blood, our body directs most of the blood flow to the most active organs, shutting off supply to less important ones. This self adjustment produces hypertension through the blood circulatory system.

In summary, the examples I gave you above are just a few of the many health benefits of drinking water, for you and your family as well.

One word of caution: In order to benefit the most and avoid any adverse effects on you health, both yours and your family's, make sure that the water you consume at your house is top quality.

To become better informed about the importance of drinking water that is free from any harmful substances and what you can do today to improve its quality, visit my website.

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