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Benefits of Elna Sewing Machines

Elna Sewing Machines are for those who take the craft seriously. A lot of professionals consider this brand as one of the finest in the industry if not the best. I personally like the Elna Sew Fun and Sew Green because of their sleek design. They are mechanical sewing machines that are suited for beginners. They are contemporary and attractive but very practical as well. If you're a no-frill sewer then these models will be perfect for your basic sewing needs. They are user-friendly which makes it perfect for people who are just starting to learn the fundamentals of stitching. One thing I like about these models is their large view stitch display. They also come with instant reverse lever, easy declutch for bobbin winding, clip-on presser foot, extra presser foot lift, front loading oscillating hook system and sewing light.

If you want electric Elna Sewing Machines then go for 5200 or 5300. What I love about these models is their versatility. They can handle almost any fabric, yes no matter how tough it is and that applies to denim as well. Technical features include adjustable foot pressure, built-in needle threader, adjustable speed control, strong needle penetration on almost all fabrics, auto declutch bobbin winder, electronic foot control and retractable carry handle.

If you want something grand and will give you everything you need then go for the 9500. Elna Sewing Machines are known for their style and innovation. They can feed your imagination and creativity. Whether we're talking about sewing or flawless embroidery, 9500 never fails to deliver. It's for a perfectionist who wants simplicity, functionality and class. It has a moveable screen, built-in embroidery table, programmable / automatic thread cutter, adjustable speed control, full-color touch screen and 8 white LED lamps to illuminate the entire sewing area. It also has computerized thread tension control and it comes with an external memory device (ATA card / USB memory key) and PC link (two-way USB communication).

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