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Benefits of Having More Stamina

More stamina means that you are able to workout for longer, making you stronger in the process. It means you can finally run a few miles and still have gas left in the tank afterwards. But what it really means is that you’ll have more of this…CONFIDENCE.

Confidence goes a long way in how a person interacts with the opposite sex. If you are a fat slob who spends his daily time sitting on the couch and watching “Seinfeld”, you probably aren’t going to feel as good when talking to the ladies as much as a physically fit, constantly training person would.

Physical Training not only make you stronger physically, it makes you stronger mentally as well. It doesn’t take a genius to know that most women are more attracted to men with better-toned, in-shape bodies than fat slobs who constantly eat, eat, and eat.

The more stamina you build up, the longer you can last while training. And the longer you last while training, the stronger you’ll get. And the stronger you get, the more ladies you’ll attract.

So if you are not training on a regular basis, chances are you have weak stamina. And again, without stamina you can’t train for as long, which won’t make you that much stronger. So the important thing to improve first before anything else is your stamina.

Being physically fit can go a long way when approaching the opposite sex. You’ll have an extra boost of confidence when you do it.

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