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Benefits of High Speed Dial Up Internet Connection

For all the Internet users who are reading this article, a few of them would be familiar with the actual definition of ‘high speed dial up’- a term which is so prevalent in the contemporary and Internet friendly scenario. Let us start this article by defining the term and elucidating over it. High speed dial up is another term used for broadband dial up. It is an Internet service provider feature, which makes the process of data transferring relatively faster with the help of a special server that is known as the acceleration server, which serves as a link between the user’s dial up connection and a Web page.

The above definition clearly indicates the biggest benefit of the high speed dial up, that is to speed up the Internet connection. It is made possible through the acceleration server that requests a web page on the behalf of the dial up user. After receiving the required information in the form of data, it caches that particular web page, compresses the information (data), and also clears the data from all the pop ups and then sends it to the dial up user. The user gets a tremendous benefit from such kind of process. To put it in simple terms, an ordinary user can have his dial up connection five times faster than the normal connection.

With the arrival of the modern broadband technology, the traditional dial up Internet connection is getting replaced with the better technologies that make the Internet connection really fast and hassle free. Now the high speed dial up or the broadband uses a digital modem that is used with the cable and the digital services in place of the older analogue modems that used traditional dial up technology. However there are certain disadvantages of this technology as well. The primary accusation that is pitted against the high speed dial up connection is that some kind of web content cannot be brought faster with this kind of technology as the high speed dial up is not able to compress all of the data with this technology. This kind of data includes streaming media, secures web pages, and downloads multimedia e-mail attachment and so on, which takes time in getting transferred in your computer.

Thus, high speed dial up is a prolific technology that is bringing a faster Internet access to the user and is gaining widespread popularity all around the world.

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