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Benefits of LTO 3 Backup Tapes

Every business is in competition with some other business. They want to show more productivity, sales, and better overall performance etc. than its competitor. This is common for all types of organisations from small scaled companies to large multinational corporations. In this fast paced race to the top no business can afford any setbacks in its working. One major setback that can possibly cripple any business is the loss of critical information and data. It does not matter whether the business is halted for an hour, a day, or even a week because time is critical in this fast paced world. Data can be lost accidentally, by hackers or by a virus and thus it would be better for a business to invest in some data storage means instead of going through the hassle of recovering lost data. In face in some cases data may be unrecoverable. Having to start all over again will give competitors a big edge and thus it can be said that data storage is essential for every kind of business.

One possible solution is to invest in the LTO 3 Data Backup Tape. This storage tape is part of the Linear Tape Open Technology (LTO). The tape involves recording data onto a magnetic tape for storage purposes. This tape should be preferred over other backup tapes as it provides the best balance between cost and performance. The LTO 3 Backup Tape provides a large storage capacity of 400GB (uncompressed). This can be increased to 800 GB as long as the data is in compressed format. The data transfer rate is fast standing at 80MB/s ensuring quick access to storage data when needed. As for protection from various viruses and accidental deletion, the LTO 3 tape come with W.O.R.M feature (Write Once Read Many). This feature makes the data secure by eliminating the risk of data being overwritten or deleted.

The magnetic tape on which the data is written is kept at a minimum thickness of just 8 micrometre. That does not mean that the tape length is small as they length reaches to about 690 metres. The internal cartridge memory of the tape is 4 KB. This provides a number of benefits like storage of historical user data. Also it enables fast speeds as well as unmatched security when the data is in the loading or the unloading process. Another benefit of this LTO generation is that it offers double the amount of write elements in the head than the previous generation 2 of the LTO technology. The tape also promises good durability and a large archival life of 30 years which promises safety and security for any organisation’s critical data.

There are many brands that offer LTO 3 Backup Tape technology. For example there is the Fuji 15539393 LTO 3 backup Tape Cartridge. This data tape designed by Fuji provides all the benefits mentioned above. It is indeed a good investment for company’s looking for an affordable and cost effective solution for their storage needs.

LTO 6 Backup Tape

The LTO 6 Backup Tape is the latest generation of the LTO family release recently in 2012. It offers the highest storage uncompressed storage capacity of 2.5 TB and fastest data transfer speed of 160MB/s. A compression ratio of 2.5:1 increases the storage capacity to 6.25 TB (compressed). Other striking features include the Write Once Read Many (WORM) feature providing much needed security to the data as well as the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) which makes the tape function just like any other USB or flash drive.

LTO 5 Backup Tape

The fifth generation is the Linear Tape Open Technology, the LTO 5 tape provides a huge storage capacity of 1.5 TB and a fast data transfer rate of 140MB/s both bettered by only the 6th generation LTO tape. The all new LTFS (Linear Tape File System) was introduced in this generation enabling users to use simple drag and drop commands and to use the tape just like any other USB or flash drive. Also the WORM feature enables security from data being overwritten.

LTO 4 Backup Tape

The LTO 4 Data Backup Tape is the 4th generation in the Linear Tape Open family and comes with improved features and specs. It provides a greater storage capacity of 800 GB and faster transfer rate of 120MB /s than its predecessor the LTO 3 Tape. It carries on with the WORM functionality introduced first in the LTO 3 tape so security of data is not an issue. The large archival life of 30 years combined with good durability makes the LTO 4 Backup Tape a good choice for a company’s backup needs.

LTO 2 Backup Tape

After the success of the first generation LTO Tape the second generation LTO 2 Backup Tape was released in 2003 and came with improved features. The 2nd generation promises more storage space, faster transfer speed and better overall performance. The uncompressed storage capacity is increased to 200 GB and can be further increased to 400 GB provided that the data is in compressed format. The transfer rate is now 40MB/s ensuring a fast data transfer process. The tape is made durable and has an archival life of 30 years to enable ease of storage for any type of company.

LTO 1 Backup Tape

The 1st generation Linear Tape Open Technology was released in the year 2000 and soon became a success. The LTO 1 Data Backup Tape offers a large storage capacity of 100 GB and a fast data transfer rate of 20MB/s. If you consider the technology at the time, then it was a revolutionary tape. Also the storage capacity could be increased to 200 GB as long as the data is in compressed format. Good durability and a long archival life of 30 years made the backup tape an instant success in the data storage industry and is still a good backup solution for small scaled businesses and networks.

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