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Benefits Of Not Smoking – Psychological Factors

The psychological benefits of not smoking give an immediate positive feedback to the person who is giving up smoking. This in turn motivates him to carry on with his efforts. Beside improving confidence, self esteem and a sense of responsibility, giving up smoking awakens the senses and helps the person enjoy the small things in life.

Smoking is an addiction like any other and every smoker is aware of the benefits of not smoking. While the health benefits such as reducing risk of heart disease, lung cancer and stroke are frequently talked about, these benefits are more long term and hence do not give the person who is trying to give up smoking the required pat on the back to keep going . The psychological benefits of not smoking on the other hand give an immediate feedback to the user and help keep him motivated.

One of the main psychological benefits of not smoking is the boost it gives to a person's confidence. When a smoker succeeds in keeping away from lighting a cigarette for a few days, weeks, months or years, it gives him a sense of accomplishment. As with any other success, it will motivate him to strive to better himself.

A person who gives up smoking will also notice a sudden boost in self esteem. While earlier, he may have been conscious of the smell of stale smoke on his hair, clothes and hands, his fresh appearance will give a boost to his self esteem, and he will find it easier to interact with others in social situations. One of the social benefits of not smoking is being able to mix freely at social gatherings without having to move away to the 'smoking zone' and being forced to befriend others who are there. Add to this the general improvement in the skin color and tone, from a pale and dull Gray complexion to a healthy glow once the nicotine leaves the system and blood circulation improvements, and it will boost the self esteem further.

Other psychological Benefits of not smoking include gaining a sense of responsibility as you feel that you are able to take better care of the health of your family and friends by not subjecting them to passive smoking. In addition, you will not feel guilty about not practicing what you preach when you advise your children or friends against the ills of smoking or other addictions.

Last, but not the least, is the happiness that you will get by being able to enjoy the simple things in life. Your concentration level will increase and along with it your senses will heighten. Your taste buds and sense of smell will awaken and you will be able to smell the flowers and enjoy the flavors in your food. There could be no better reason to give up smoking!

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