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Benefits of Partnering With Freight Franchises

Today, with franchise opportunities abound, people can invest in everything from restaurants to hotels and even gourmet dog trees. With this many opportunities, how do you know which one is the best investment for your time and money? While it is not the most glamorous or seemingly fun franchise opportunity, investing in freight franchises can certainly be one of the most lucrative. In fact, industry experts estimate positive growth in the coming years for the multi-billion dollar shipping and transportation industry.

With positive projected growth and trillions of dollars in annual revenue, many people may consider starting a freight franchise as a sole proprietor in chances of receiving maximum return on investment. However, those considering this route should take into consideration that a sole proprietorship of freight franchises will likely require increased start-up capital, designing a set of company-best practices from the ground up, more time to build a reputation, and more.

By choosing to partner with a freight franchise that has a solid industry reputation, you get the benefit of taking advantage of their industry experience and capitalizing on their well-known name. More importantly, partnering with freight franchises has shown to be more profitable than a sole proprietorship since franchises can take advantage of expert training and support, quicker start-up, company promotions, and proven business models.

Another advantage to becoming a freight franchisee is that the franchisor has well-established relationships with companies and can provide excellent sales leads for acquiring new customers. Plus, the franchising company has also reasonably worked out logistic issues to ensure that your customers' shipments transport easily, quickly, and at the best cost possible.

For example, if your customers need to ship something overseas or any other long distance quickly, transportation the cargo via air freight is the fastest, most reliable method. As a partner with a larger organization, you have access to the tools and support you need to easily map out the air cargo logistics to ensure that customer's shipment arrives safely and on time. Additionally, you can easily offer a wide variety of air cargo options to your clients, including second day air, three-to-five day air, next flight out, personal charters, and door-to-door international services. These choices provide an exceptionally high level of customer service.

Along with support, sales leads, and a proven track record in the industry, many franchises can partner with freight franchises in a variety of ways, including offering trucking options or air cargo options.

Ultimately, the decision to franchise versus starting your own independent freight shipping business is up to you; so, weigh your options carefully. While a sole proprietorship provides significant business freedom, is it worth it in the long run? Partnering with a respected freight company not only gives you quicker access to the multi-billion dollar freight shipping industry, it also allows you to take advantage of the parent company's proven business model, tried and tested shipping logistics, and access to expert training and support . All of this leads to a higher level of service that your burgeoning business can offer customers, and, as you know, precision and time are the keys to success in the cargo shipping industry.

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