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Benefits of Peppers

When the spicy flavor dances on your taste bud, you are easy to get addicted to it. Gradually, more and more people love the spicy taste and peppers. When you sweat a lot because of the peppers, you will find your stress slips away. Most people may not know there are a lot of benefits of peppers.

First, peppers help digestion. They stimulate the secret of digestive juice and increase appetite.

Second, peppers warm the stomach. If the stomach catches the coldness, people would feel sick, diarrhea and stomachache. At that time, people can eat some peppers to drive the coldness away.

Third, they promote the blood circulation. And thus, sensation of chill, frostbite and vascular headache can be improved.

Fourth, they beautify the skin. Peppers increase the secretion of hormones, and improve the condition of skin. Many people assume eating peppers causes the acnes. In fact, acnes have nothing to do with peppers. Only for people who have the physique of growing acnes, peppers would pour oil on the flames.

Fifth, capsaicine in peppers accelerates the burning of fat and thus, people can achieve the goal of losing weight.

Sixth, they kill the pain. According to some research, capsaicine reduces neurotransmitters that transmit pain feelings, and that people feel less sensitive to pain feelings.

Seventh, they prevent cancers. Capsaicine accelerates the death of cancer cells, but no harm to normal cells.

Eighth, they protect the heart. Eating peppers often can delay the atherosclerosis.

Ninth, they reduce the blood pressure. According to an experiment conducted in Britain, capsaicine reduce the blood pressure but as to how, there is no verdict.

Tenth, they are helpful for people who suffer from diabetes. Capsaicine alleviates some symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

Peppers can reserve people's health, very nutritional. Eating peppers can make people feel happy. Only a small pepper contains many nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, carotene and folic acid . Beside, it contains calcium, minerals and dietary fibers. Thus, eating peppers is very good to people's health.

There are some tips people need to know when eating peppers.
1. It is better to eat fresh peppers. There are dried peppers, fresh ones and pickled ones but fresh ones contain the most nutrition.
2. It is better to add some vinegar in dishes with peppers so as to reduce the heat.
3. Eat with some cool foods. Though spicy food is delicious, people can not bear too much. Eat some sweet or sour food, people would feel less spicy. Or they can drink some cool sweet beverage or eat some fresh fruit to cool themselves.
4. Though there are lots of benefits of peppers, some people may not properly eat them. People with anemia can eat more but with gastric ulcer, esophagitis, acne should be careful to eat peppers.

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