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Benefits of Supersets For Strength Training

While we all have own own favorite workout, it's usually accepted that the key to long term training improvement lies in variation. Whatever workout you do, your body will ever, adapt to it and your improvement will become slow, or even stop. A great variation on standard workouts is to do supersets. Supersets are basically just a method allowing you to pair up different exercises in order to save time, add intensity, and help build muscle. When supersetting, you do the two exercises of your choice one right after the other, with little or no rest in between. Supersets can be used on opposing muscle groups or on the same muscle groups, this will depend on your goal. When you superset opposing muscle groups you're really able to save on rest time, since one muscle gets to rest while the other works. Examples of opposing muscles groups are the back and the chest, biceps and triceps, hamstrings and quadricep muscles, etc. When you workout and superset the same muscle groups you're really able to increase the intensity of the session as you're working the same muscle, but with different exercises.

Here are some of the main benefits of supersets;

o Supersets are a great way of pushing through a training plateau, and for renewing your motivation to keep training. Frequently, when you force yourself to perform the same workouts over and over, you end up no longer have the desire to make it to every planned training session. By changing your routine, you will find yourself focused again and actually looking forward to pushing your body to its limits.

o Additionally, supersets are a great technique for increasing muscle mass and size, as they boost the release of anabolic hormones such as testosterone, which is responsible for muscle growth. As well as this, you will reduce the amount of time you spend in the gym, as you will be working two muscle groups within the same set.

o Another great benefit for people who train at home or on the road is that you do not need very heavy weights; you can work your muscles to their limits with smaller weights, meaning you can still have a great workout with minimal equipment.

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