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Better No Backlinks Than Spam Backlinks?

Search engines use many aspects to rank websites, but the most important ranking aspect is link popularity. Link popularity is determined by the number of links to your website and the link popularity of the websites containing the backlink.

Many webmasters try to add as many backlinks as possible hoping this will increase the link popularity of their website and search engine rankings. But you have to be careful. One of the biggest problems of search engines is spam. Search engines have developed intelligent software to remove spam. Spam is determined by checking the content of websites, but also by following links from spam websites. A website which is linked from a spam website is probably also a spam website and could be removed from search engines or could lead to lower rankings. This will be disastrous for your traffic.

Examples of spam websites are:

– Websites only containing keywords, but no grammatical correct sentences

– Websites mainly containing affiliate links or Google ads

– Websites containing illegal content

– Websites using techniques like cloaking to improve search engine rankings

– Web directories which accept all submitted web pages without quality checks

We recommend only adding backlinks to web pages having at least a page rank of 2 and containing content similar to your website. The best way to achieve quality backlinks is by improving the quality of your website. You can easily create many quality backlinks if your website contains unique content and useful services.

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