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Discover the Benefits of Class IV Laser Therapy

Class IV laser therapy is the latest development in laser technology today. Derived from the first theory by Albert Einstein written in 1916, it’s use was later improved upon in 1967, when a professor of medicine found that with low intensity laser light, quicker wound healing occurred. The most commonly used laser today is the diode laser, which was made available to modern society through its low cost and was introduced in the 1970s.

Class IV laser therapy is made possible by the use of the K-Laser or class four laser, and has served as quite a breakthrough in the medical community. The powerful therapy is intended solely for the highly specialized practice of class IV laser applications. Although this therapy is a non- invasive form of treatment, these lasers are capable of penetrating five inches in from the skin’s surface. This is quite a significant change from past devices in which the light and energy of the laser could not reach as far.

The healing therapy is a much more powerful form of treatment than laser therapy used in years past, and it is now FDA approved and considered a safe form of treatment by many practitioners. Class IV laser therapy makes use of radiant light and energy to activate the healing process in the body. Class IV lasers can also boost the immune system and heal tissue beneath the surface, which reduces the need for further operations. This form of treatment also has many advantages over other methods and medications as well, in that there are no side effects, and those with chronic pain and debilitating conditions can lead longer, healthier, and happier lives. Class IV laser therapy can even heal scar tissue and muscle damage that is deep beneath the surface, something that is seldom achieved without invasive surgeries.

The high powered beam also stimulates the immune system and increases the blood supply to heal ligaments and joints. Healing laser has helped many cope with a number of illnesses and injuries involving pain, and has been one of the most beneficial alternative forms of treatment utilized today. For those living with pain, pain medications and the side effects that accompany them can often be one of the most disastrous and further debilitating forms of treatment out there for managing pain. Fortunately, class IV laser therapy offers an affordable, non-invasive, and practical alternative.

Source by Dr. Gary Gendron

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