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Discover the Benefits of Fish Oil For Skin

Have you read about this recently? Experts now recommend fish oil for skin care too, apart from all the other great health benefits it offers. Our skin is easily the most abused body part – with the amount of pollution and chemicals it is exposed to, it's no wonder our skin starts drying and wrinkling pretty early on. So how does fish help our skin? Let's find out.

Taking fish oil for skin takes care of the four primary skin problems that we face –

1) Wrinkles
2) Age Spots
3) Dryness
4) Acne or Psoriasis

According to research published in the Journal for Lipid Research, Omega 3 oil helps in preventing our skin from wrinkling. EPA Omega 3 fats regulate the cellular function in the skin and maintain its elasticity and smoothness.

EPA also helps protect the skin from the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun. The UV rays are also responsible for age spot formation. This again, can be avoided by taking an oil containing EPA.

Fish oil skin benefits also include preventing our skin from drying by keeping it nourished and hydrated. Also, the DHA fats in the oil have significant anti-inflammatory properties. Since Acne and Psoriasis are also signs of inflammation in the skin, the DHA content of the oil helps in controlling these problems to a great extent.

Now, you can get all these skin health benefits by eating an Omega 3 rich fish regularly. However, there are two problems in this – One, it would be difficult to regularly eat fish as a staple part of your diet, unless you really love fish. Two, the fish can contain many contaminants found in ocean water. These can effectively negate any benefits you would get by taking fish oil for skin.

The solution lies in taking a good fish oil supplement. Look for a supplement made from a fish rich in DHA and EPA – both the essential fats. Most fish contain just one of them. The Hoki is one such fish. It is located in New Zealand and is rich in both DHA and EPA, with DHA being the dominant amongst them.

Taking a supplement will also ensure that you do not ingest any contaminants, as the oil would be thoroughly refinanced and concentrated before being packaged.

Put this to the test right away. Taking fish oil for skin could be the best beauty tip I can give you. It's effective, it's natural, and it's easy on the pocket. What more can you ask for?

Source by Michael Holman

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