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DIY Marketing With Twitter – "Where's the Money?" – 7 Tips For Creating Profits by Tweeting

How can Twitter help you make more money? That is the fundamental question business professionals want to have answered. Any kind of social network marketing may seem like a time-wasting black hole – until you see the big picture.

Twitter is fast becoming the number one tool for many over any other social media platform including Facebook.

What can Twitter do for you? Here's a list of ways you can utilize Twitter to accomplish many of your marketing tasks and goals faster and easier. And of course, Twitter is a free service.

1. Become known. Developing a tribe of followers who know, like and trust you is key to building your community of potential customers.

2. Become recognized as an expert in your field. By tweeting daily, or multiple times a day, with information that is useful, helpful and interesting to your followers, they will stay connected with you. And they will want to know more about you and your services. They will turn to you, instead of someone else, when they are looking for the services you offer.

3. Market research. Use Twitter to ask your customers and potential customers questions about their needs and interests. Their replies will guide you to create products that they will buy — from YOU.

4. Promote your events. Announce your seminars, classes, sales events, contests and surveys. There is an art to promoting your business on Twitter. It is important to avoid being "salesy". The social platform that Twitter offers is ideal for the "soft sell". You will have the most success if you announce your events in the same way that you would share valuable information with a friend.

5. Find joint venture partners. Connect with others in your field and combine forces with them to create money-making opportunities where you both profit.

6. Stay on the cutting edge of your field. By following others in your field, you will stay abreast of all the newest events, issues and trends – a must for staying competitive.

7. Keep connected on a social level with your customer community. This is the heart of Twitter's value. People want to know who they buy from. If you present yourself as real, caring and accessible, more people will want to connect with you and to your business brand.

So, the answer to the question "Where's the money?" Lies in how well you use Twitter in your business strategy.

Source by Linda Barnby

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