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DoD Civilian Benefits: How the System Works

Civilians have been called to action to expand freedom through the globe in missions to spread democracy. Civilians and military personnel will work next to each other to renew nations and build communities around the world.

An ongoing civil operation is being trained and organized for overseas missions worldwide. The purpose of the work is to free up the military so they can be used for military operations. By training enough civilians to go overseas and help build communities, it would allow the military to regain its forces where they are needed to protect lives.

Civilians who take part in the work program program would receive DoD civil benefits of medical support from the military while they are overseas. Physical and psychological evaluations would have been done on every civil person participates. Civilians who are leaving their jobs to help out overseas would be given the right to return to their jobs when they get back home. If their particular position is not available then they would be granted a position of the same statue and grade level. They would also have a position with similar responsibilities within the same company they left before going overseas. It does not matter if the civil was was gone for two months or two years, he still has the right to his own position upon return. Families of those civilians would receive support and be given information on all benefits that they entitled to receive. Families are also educated on issues that the returning civil has faced while overseas, as well as concerns about the return.

All civilians who take up the call to serve with our military will receive DoD civil benefits of family and medical leave with pay. They will have 10 paid holidays for each year of service, and thirteen days of sick leave each year. They will also be entitled to 26 vacation days per year. There are many different health insurance plans to choose from for themselves and their families. There is also long-term care insurance available, and they will be entitled to DoD retirement plans. There is also overtime pay, student loan repayments plans, along with relocation bonuses and recruitment pay. Saleries range depending on the position, education and experience of each civil.

Military service men and women recognize how important the civil workforce is and respects those who have joined in to broad democracy and freedom through the world. Our military needs the help from every civil person who can join them and protect the rights of people around the globe.

Source by Jeremy B Thompson

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