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Driving Laser Targeted Traffic to Your Website With Facebook

Getting people who make a real difference in your bottom line to view your website, can be a challenging task if you consider the fact that there is competition everywhere.

The magnitude of the Net as well as the online marketing world in general, has given birth to intense competition among Web marketers. All of what have their own good product to offer.

With all the current web pages now piling over one another, you may ask yourself just how you can stand out from it all.

One of many ways would be to make use of search engines.

They are popular for generating free targeted traffic and by no means should they be overlooked.

Obtaining top search engine rankings is essential in developing recognition and links and the use of the proper keywords is a critical step in attaining this goal.

Yet another way is via writing your own articles.

This is still an extremely powerful tool for marketing online and will continue being so for a long time to come. The key reason why article marketing is so effective is because good content that is valued by viewers, leads them to arrive at the author's personal website out of sheer interest.

Still another is developing a list of responsive subscribers you can refer to from time to time. This has proven to be an extremely valuable asset for list owners.

The employment of autoresponders and personalized newsletters is one way of monitoring your subscribers and retaining these individuals by letting them know about new products and services, is an essential task that should be performed by all Internet marketers.

Enter Facebook: The New 800 Pound Gorilla

Everyone knows that Facebook gets loads of traffic. They exceeded half a billion users months ago and somewhere in the vicinity of 300 thousand new users join Facebook daily. Not only that, but people spend more time there than on any other website on the internet.

There is an assumption among a good number of marketers that simply putting their products and services on Facebook will instantaneously produce hundreds of thousands of new customers.

That's not usually the case.

Yes, it has an intense audience, but that audience is not necessarily on the site looking to purchase something.

Now although there will be a number of brand names out there with enough clout to spontaneously generate a large target market, you, as a small independent online marketer, must think about how you're going to proactively build your friend and fan numbers.

To understand the reason why social media marketing is vital to your marketing success, you must realize that we tend to be naturally social animals. Now, because of the Internet, people are more connected to one another than at any other time in human history.

People love to discuss and recommend different things to their family and friends and as a consequence of that, social media marketing platforms on the web have grown and continue to grow at mind boggling reasons.

Currently, there are many ways to market your goods and services through FB. For one, you can create a small Facebook app that links to your own site or product. This application could have been a game, survey or a new aggregator.

You can also develop a group targeted specifically to your chosen goods and services. Ideally for the online marketer, there are already targeted, focused groups on Facebook, quite a few with hundreds, thousands, even millions of members, who may be interested in what you have to offer. Neverheless, you need to approach them properly.

Try to remember the following few very important things, and your Facebook and social media marketing boundaries will be limitless.

1. Facebook is Not Google.

2. You do not need to wait more than a day to begin learning with content on Facebook.

3. Your content does not have to be 100% unique for Facebook.

4. There are more than 500 million people on Facebook – and they are all broken down into demographics. Just imagine an AdWords campaign in which you're free to pick and choose the age, sex, interests, etc. Of your target audience.

5. Facebook is all about People not products. Try to sell something on there and you will fail 90% of the time. Appeal to people's interests – and you're gold .

6. Facebook users click like crazy.

They are clicking links all day long. They see something interests them ?: Click :

They observe something fascinating that they want to pass on: Click :: Like :: Share :

Hint : Can you say, AdSense ?

Facebook is all about people. Of course, that's been stated numerous times before, but you need to really understand that concept.

People have hobbies, need entertaining, appreciate funny stuff and like sharing things with like minded individuals. It's just like a group at a party … They're discussing subjects, beliefs, ideas and events. Ultimately, you want them to share YOURS.

Facebook users share and discuss information that is useful, and that they find fascinating. Therefore you should find products in niches that people want to talk about.

Using Facebook, social networks or any other online platform as a marketing medium, needs to be done strategically and employ a proper marketing plan.

Applying these tools correctly, will help your business and your bank account expand. Misusing them on the other hand, will probably destroy your business and leave you with the reputation of being just another spammer.

Source by Rodney Brooks

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