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Ftp Site Hosting – How It Works And It's Benefits!

FTP Site Hosting is an online file storage and transfer service that provides three basic functions:

  1. Secure online storage of any / all file types and sizes
  2. Ability to share files with others in a secure manner
  3. Secure file transfers at high speeds

In "layman's" terms, FTP Site Hosting services allow businesses and individuals to share large and small files between each other via the Internet in a secure and fast manner. It also provides a means to store files online on a secure file server that can only be accessed by individuals that posses a valid user ID and password.

When using an FTP Site hosting service, users never have to worry about the size or amount of files that they are sharing / transferring because there is no limitation. Also, FTP Site hosting services bypass email so you'll never have an email problem.

For example: Let's say I'm an engineer and I need to send my AutoCAD drawings to three of my clients this afternoon. Due to the size of the files (their total size is 2.2GB) there is no way I could send them via email.

The solution: Subscribe to an FTP Site Hosting service and use the service to upload my files to my newly created secure online file folder. I would then give each of my customers their own unique password that would allow them to gain access and download my AutoCAD drawings. The entire process of setting up my new FTP site and uploading my files could have been done in less than 15-minutes.

Most FTP Site Hosting services available today allow you to access your files from anywhere, as long as you have connectivity to the Internet. The biggest benefits are speed, security, cost, and convenience.

Regarding speed, FTP Site Hosting services utilize the file transfer protocol, hence the acronym FTP. This protocol is the standard method used today to transfer large files quickly via the Internet.

When considering security, the FTP protocol can be encrypted to minimize any compromise that could take place. In addition, all files can be stored on a secure server that can only be accessed with a valid user ID and password.

The cost of the FTP Site Hosting service should not be an issue. For less than $ 12.00 per month you can get an FTP Site Hosting account that enables you to store up to 600MB of data and provides you with 6 unique, sharable user accounts. At $ 12.00 per month, the cost of a secure FTP Site is less than sending one CD overnight to a customer.

The convenience factor is huge! It's a big time saver. With an FTP Site you can effectively eliminate all your overnight shipping charges and the time it takes to literally burn, package, and ship a CD to someone. In addition, the recipient of your files can download them when it's convenient for them. With an FTP Site, there is no waiting for the delivery of an overnight package. You can share large files in minutes with anyone, regardless of their geographical locations.

Just one more note – When you subscribe to an FTP Site Hosting service you have the ability to create as many online file folders as you want. You then create / add your user accounts and assign them to one of the online folders you've created. You're the one in control of the folders and the users that have access to them. You're also in control of what they can do with the files inside your folders. You have the ability to restrict them to just uploading files, downloading files, adding files, deleting files, or all of the above.

FTP Site Hosting can be a big benefit to any business or individual that needs to share files and information with clients, vendors, employees, or friends. With it's low monthly cost and high level of security and control, FTP Site Hosting has become the standard method to securely send and receive large files via the Internet.

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