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Get More Backlinks – 4 Great Tips For Getting More Backlinks to Your Website

You can get more backlinks with just some basic knowledge and some spare time. In this article, I’ll share with you 4 great tips to get more backlinks that will help your site climb up the rankings.


The first thing you need to do is write articles. Every site should have at least 30 articles written and submitted to the article directories. For best results, do not duplicate an article over several directories but keep each one unique.

I recommend that you stick with the most popular article directories as these are better for both immediate traffic and also ranking.

Blog Comments

Find blogs similar to your own (e.g. use Google blog search) and leave comments. Do not worry if the blog uses “do follow” or “no follow”. The main thing is to make sure that the post you are commenting on is related to your site.

Be helpful and write at least 50 words in your comment. Remember, this is your reputation and you can either come across as a spammer and risk being blacklisted or you can establish and raise your reputation so that people will visit your site.

Reciprocal Links

No site should be composed 100% of reciprocal links but even so, you should definitely go out there and trade at least 30 links. Search engines will look positively on this and see you as a real webmaster and not just a spambot.

You’ll also benefit from their exit traffic. Any traffic that you leak probably wasn’t interested in your site anyway.

Backlink Checkers

I highly recommend using a backlink checker. Just type into a search engine, “backlink checker”.

Then do a check on a site that is similar to yours, a successful member of the competition. Now you’ll be able to see exactly where your competitor is getting their backlinks from.

Now go out and imitate them. Go to the same sites and get the same backlinks. If it worked so well for them then it will work well for you too!

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