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Ginger – What Benefits Does It Have?

Ginger became the wonder herb in China back in 3000 BC by Emperor Shen Nung; in China today, ginger is still widely used for herbal remedies. It was first used in baking by the Greeks over 500 years ago to make gingerbread. Today ginger is widely used in both culinary and herbal remedies.

Ginger is nature's answer to Dramamine. In studies it out performed the over the counter drug in suppressing the queasiness of motion sickness. It can settle the stomach, relate vomiting and treat bowel problems (including gas pains and diarrhea).

Ginger is also used to warm and invigorate the body on cold winters as it is a mild stimulant that can promote circulation through out the entire body.

Most commonly ginger can be found in any grocery store in the root form. Make sure that you always keep ginger root refrigerated. If you wrap it in paper towel before putting it in a plastic ziploc bag, it will last for several months. It is also found in the spices section of your grocery mart. If using as an herbal remedy for motion sickness it is recommended to use the fresh root. For culinary additions the treated powder will work just as well.

Ginger works by stimulating the saliva flow and digestion. The only person's who should avoid using ginger are those who have ulcers as it does stimulate the stomach causing complications with ulcers. Since ginger does increase the bile secretion it is wise to always check with your medical professionals before using ginger as a herbal remedy.

The most common way to use ginger is in the root form for the most beneficial effects. Thinly slice off about one ounce of the root and steep for 20 minutes beforeraining. It can be used up to twice a day with absolutely no side effects.

Ginger can also be used as culinary herb, giving the added bonus to anyone of better circulation, by tossing one slice of peeled root into any marinade you may use for meat. It can also be used in the discharged ground format adding it to beverages, salads, pumpkin, and peaches. Combine it with onions and garlic to add a bit of citrus flavoring to your favorite stir fry. It also adds a nice smooth flavoring to slices and muffins.

Source by Carla Goddard, Msc.D.

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