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Goji Berries – Friends With Benefits

About the Goji Berry and its Benefits

After what you may have heard, the goji berry is a fruit that has a long history that far surpasses its new found status as a super-fruit and super-food. In fact, this fruit has been one of the pills of Chinese herbal medicine for the best part of six thousand years.

The fruit itself is a very distinct and vibrant orange and red ellipsis shape and is typically one to two cm in length. They grow across a wide range of geographies from the foothills of the Himalayas in Tibet, right through Mongolia and stretching towards large areas of Mainland China.

What are the Nutritionally Qualities Offered by Goji Berries?

The fruit itself is jam packed with goodness being a rich source of protein, a fruit with 18 amino acids, one of the foods richest in antioxidants in the world and just one of the richest sources of betaine in the world. All these factors combined mean it is a nutritional superstar that offers a whole range of health benefits including:

Boosts your metabolism, energy and vitality

• Bolsters ans strengnthens your immune system

• Great for maintaining your eyesight

• May boost your sex drive, sex life and levels of fertility

There have also been a number of tests linking them to have positive effects on cancer sufferers.

How to Consume the Goji Berry

There seem to be an endless number of ways in which you can get your daily fill of the fruit. In traditional Chinese medicine the fruit would typically be consumed raw. This is a great choice but can be a problem for two reasons. Firstly, the taste is certainly an acquired taste and some people find it a bit overpowering. It is close to a raisin but has a sweet and sour flavor. Secondly finding the berry in raw form in the UK or Australia is very hard, not being naked to these regions. With that in mind, you might want to consider the other ways of consuming goji berries.

One of the most common methods is the fruit being dried. Simply consuming the berries in a number of healthy drinks such as juices and smoothies are also remarkably popular. As is the consumption of gojis in tea. Despite their popularity there are question marks as to whether these are effective ways of consuming goji because they may dilute the potential effects of any health benefits. For that reason we would recommend the best way of getting your fix of goji berries is by taking natural health supplements rich in goji. They are easy and convenient and contain an ideal quantity of this wonderful fruit.

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