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Hard Truths About Internet Marketing You Should Know

Online marketing has many rewards like.-

– You can work from home in your PJs

– You can work whenever you want

– You can work for as long or as short as you want

– Everyone will think you are nuts, which is good so they do not bother you with nonsense.

Just to name a few of the rewards that actually makes someone go for home based business or not.

But …

Here are the tough points that most internet marketers will not tell you, in fact they will make it sound very easy work, and will try to sell you their materials.

Here are the real truths about internet marketing

– Takes time, this is a business security

– To automate your efforts you have to spend a few hundreds or even thousands

– For the first 3-4 months you will put long hours

– You will have to learn or become internet and computer geek

– You must keep yourself inspired if you are easily turned off by seeing no results yet

– You will have to educate yourself with lots of HOW TOs

– Attend numerous seminars and webinars

– Take lots of notes

– Be organized

My suggestion to you is to relax, if you are getting into the online marketing business or you are taking your current business online, and you have no money now, or if you will invest your last dinner money in it, DO NOT, don 't do it. Stop, and get yourself into another job, offline if you can, pay the bills now, and to take care of all your expenses, then get online on your spare time, and follow these steps …

– Do your due diligence, research everything and everyone online, all the internet gurus and their programs and what they are offering. Some or most of the programs will require you to opt in and give them your email and name. You should because that's how they collect a list of prospective clients. You will do the same once you are set to go.

– Get a program that talks to your heart. Do not buy the very first program you see. Most will make it sound very easy and will suggest that you will make money while you sleep. Actually ever you will, but this is after you have gone through all the spending, setting ups, organizing, sorting, learning, tons of trial and error sessions.

– Most of the programs require selling, meaning, you will have to people come to your website, yes, you will learn how to create your own website, and from there you will invite them to opt in, sign in to your email list , after that if they like what you have to offer they will purchase your stuff.

– Some will be MLMs, meaning you will sign up people under you, called downline, just like you will be signed under someone else. Here you will have residual income, you will make money not only from the stuff you sell, but also you will make commissions from the sales total of your downline.

Now.- You can sell your stuff or someone else's stuff. To do that, there are several ways,

– Affiliate marketing, this is when companies let you promote their products and advertise for them, so if you had your own website, you can advertise there these affiliate products products and when people purchase them from your website, you make a commission.

– Digital or non-digital products. These include ebooks (written by you or someone else), softwares, computer programs, etc ..

– Tangible products, like CDs, books, home furnishings, and all other items.

Now as you see, all these will require you to have

1. A website set up, or multiple websites.

2. A list, to what you advertise

3. Or Paid advertising like Google AdWords campaign, or CCP and others

4. Free advertisings like Facebook, Twitter, and all the social media networks

After researching and spending tons of money to find all these out, I finally started making money, online, by recruiting people like you, to what I teach all the details, and I coach them to copy exactly what I do.

This is a cold call to you, because NO ONE told me or taught me the basics, as to what it takes to get into an online marketing business working from home.

I suffered a great deal, I do not want you to suffer too. I will help you get your online business and I want you to be successful. The reason is simple. If we have lots of people successful, and making money around us, we will be happy, because being wealthy and alone is not fun. Also, the internet is huge, and there is room for everyone to get a portion of the wealth available out there.

So you see, if you read all the way down to here, then you are like me, you need all the help you can get, you need a boost, and encouragement. I applaud you for taking the first step.

Here is what you need to do,

Do your research tonight, and research my company as well. If you think I am honest and I can help you, please let me know, so I can call you tomorrow. Like I said, if you will be spending your last dime, do not, but if you can spare a few hundred dollars for investment into your freedom and success online, then by all means, get in and let's talk. After all, you do not expect buying McDonald's Franchise with no money, and to make thousands the first day …

Source by Nayeri Moumdjian

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