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Health Benefits of Fish Oil – Which Fish Oil Benefits Your Health the Most?

Omega-3 from fish oil is very important for your health. It offers a lot of benefits from an alert brain, to a healthy heart, to a stronger immune system, and many more. It typically contains DHA and EPA, but DHA content needs to be higher than EPA. In order to get the full benefits of taking these supplements, there are several factors you need to consider. Here is a quick guide to help you figure out which kind of fish oil will you most likely benefit from.


The fish from which the oil comes from is very important. It needs to be naturally high in essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA. Commonly, fatty fish are good sources of these fatty acids. Examples of fatty fish are salmon, hoki, mackerel, and tuna.


You need to know where the fish comes from. Polluted water also yields contaminated fish oil, which is not good for the body. Oil from the fish can easily contain different toxins like mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls or PCB's, and dioxins which come from polluted waters. It is best to ensure that the fish comes from places where water pollution is not rampant like in New Zealand.


The form of oil sourced from the fish is also important as this tells a lot about the bio-availability of the oil. Typically, there are three forms of oil, namely raw fish oil which is in triglyceride form, ethyl ester oil, and synthetic triglyceride oil. Raw oil is what you get when you squeeze the fish and extract the oil. It is low in omega-3 because it is not in concentrated form and is high in different contaminants like heavy metals and dioxins.

Ethyl ester oil is an oil that has intrinsone molecular distillation to remove impurities while concentrating the oil. It improves the effectiveness of the oil because of a more concentrated content and the result is oil that is extremely low in contaminants. It is also absorbed and utilized well by the stomach, making it very effective.

Synthetic triglycerides are often marked as natural but are not. It should be avoided as the molecular structure of the oil is altered, making it less absorbable and less effective. There you have it. The best fish oil for your health is one that comes from fish high in essential fatty acids especially DHA, comes from unpolluted waters, has undergone the right purification process, and is in its natural form.

By choosing a supplement that possesses these characteristics, you are sure to get all the benefits that fish oil has to offer.

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