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Health Benefits of Goji Berries Juice

Tibetan people know the secret of long life and they have been using it since ages. Infact they have adapted the intake of goji berries in their daily life so as to lead a healthy life. Usually people follow plant based diet of vegetables and fruits like pomegranate, blueberries, tomatoes, green tea and crane berries but they are still not aware about the benefits of Goji berries.

The scientific name of Goji Berries is Lycium Eleagnus Barbarum which is grown in the Himalayas. The natural conditions of the Himalayan Mountains with its fertile soil and fresh air are apt for the growth of Goji Berries. There are around 41 Asian varieties of this fruit and have been certified as chemical and contaminant free.

Goji Berries have antioxidant values ​​which repair the damaged cells and DNA, and also help in slowing the aging process. It reduces the risk of liver, lung, and cervical, uterine and testicular cancer. It also enhances the immunity which helps in reducing the risk of other diseases.

Goji Berries can also be consumed in the form of its juice form. When Goji berries are on heights of ripeness, they are hand picked so that their optimal nutritional potency remains intact. It carries nutrition of 19 amino acids, 21 trace minerals like Germanium, and 6 essential fatty acids, Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and C & E. It contains far more beta carotene than the carrots, and its antioxidant values ​​are much more than any other food source. Master Molecules or 4 Unique Polysaccharides are also present in Goji Berries Juice which are not found in any other food items. Linoleic Acid which promotes fat loss in body is also present in this wonder fruit. People who eat spinach especially for the intake of iron might be surprised to know that Goji Berries Juice has 100 times more iron than spinach.

Health benefits of Goji Berries Juice are also quite in number as it is one of the most efficient natural energy booster for the body, and also enhances the self esteem and mood of the people suffering from depression and stress. People with craving for sweets should try Goji Berries Juice because it helps in controlling sweets craving too. Skin related problems like dry skin can be resolved with the intake of this juice and you will get a young and shining skin.

Athletes can also use it to improve their performance and endurance and also improves overall metabolism of the body. Goji Berries Juice helps in weight loss and gains the Libido. Anti-aging and improved Melatonin levels are other benefits of this juice.

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