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How To Give A Great Foot Massage And The Benefits It Offers

It does not matter who you are, there are not many things that are more relaxing than a great foot massage, even if you do it yourself. In fact, it is almost a natural thing to get home from a long days work and rub your feet because they are so sore. Most people have known the many benefits to receiving a wondrous foot rub from a spouse or significant other. The benefits are what give this type of massage its popularity along many.

The idea of ​​massaging ones feet has been around for a very long time. The basic principles of this type of massage revolve around the meridian network. This is a network that connects all tissues, cells and organs in the body. Each of the organs are connected to areas, called reflex points, on the foot through the 300 nerves that run through the body. A Reflexogolist, or foot masseur, is trained to use these areas on the sole of the foot or the side of the foot to help someone get over certain pains or illnesses.

Of course there is one benefit to having your feet massaged that no one can dispute, it feels darn good! Another benefit to massaging the feet is that it can increase the blood circulation and therefore, helps to rejuvenate and cleanse cells. This is because blood is the lifeline for cells. Blood carries the nutrients that a cell needs and then takes the toxins and poisons that it does not need. Thus, it only makes sense to say that massaging one's feet definitely has its benefits.

Many people want to know good techniques for massaging their own or someone else's feet. Here is a good technique anyone can uses. First start off by soaking the feet in Epsom salted water, this is not only for hygiene purposes but it is also the first step in stress relief. After a while remove the feet and dry them. Once they are dry apply either massage lotion or oil, what ever suits you or whoever may be receiving the massage best.

Next, start by working the lotion or oil into the skin buying using a gentle rubbing motion over the entire foot. Do this to each foot. Once the oil or lotion is massaged into the skin you will want to start using long gentle strokes on each foot and then work your way into the muscles. You should work on one part of the foot at a time starting at the top of the foot, then work your way to the sole and then to the toes. Finally, stretch the foot in all different directions, this will conclude the massage.

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