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How to Launch Your eBook Using Social Media

If you have been in business for any length of time at all, you probably have a large volume of content that you may use once and then forget about it. Of course, you can probably re-purpose the majority of your content (assuming that it is not time-sensitive). However, there is another way to leverage that fabulous content for everyone’s benefit. You can turn some of your content into an eBook (or eBooks).

Using social media to publish and distribute your eBook

After you have taken a good look at the content that you have in your repository, the next thing that you need to do is to choose all of the articles that are connected to each other. They should not all be on the same topic but they should be on related topics. You will want to choose between 20 and 30 articles to build your eBook. Those articles are going to be the chapters in the book.

As you have always done with your other content, you will want to put a call-to-action in your eBook so that your readers have a way to reach out to you and interact.

The promotion of your eBook will also be done differently from how you would promote a paper book. Of course, everything will be done online and social media is the vehicle that will work the most effectively to get the word out about your book and to create a buzz that will get people talking.

Publishing and promoting an eBook is also a lot less expensive (in general) than a traditional book. Promotion is a lot more cumbersome with a traditional book than it is with an eBook as well.

Promoting your eBook through social media

Once you have written your eBook and you are ready to publish it, there are a few different ways that you can publish. Amazon is a wonderful, easy, and inexpensive way to go. As far as your price point is concerned, you will not be charging very much for your eBook so you have a good chance that a large number of people will be willing to buy it.

However, it isn’t enough for people to just buy your book. You need people to review the eBook as well. Undoubtedly, you don’t have total control over what those people write about your book but if you have published a top-quality book that helps other people, there is a good likelihood that the reviews will be positive. You also want the reviewers to give your eBook the maximum number of stars when they rate the book. It is all there on the page in Amazon when they write the review. Of course, that review then becomes a testimonial that you can use to promote your book further and to enhance your brand offerings.

Promoting your eBook means that you can take advantage of the large number of people who will be able to read your book online. eBooks are very easy for your readers to access and to review. It takes a minimum of effort and the entire process only takes a small amount of time. There are several different ways that you can promote your eBook through social media.

  • Put a retweet button in one of your chapters: If a person likes your content, whether it is in your eBook or in some other form of content, he or she will be willing to retweet it so that other people can take advantage of it as well. You can make it very easy on the person by supplying them with a retweet button. One click and off it goes! However, the placement of the button is important and you should be strategic about where you place it. Again, the concept is making it as easy as possible on the reader.
  • Build a special landing page for your eBook: You can have a landing page on your website that is exclusively for your eBook. It will be designed to make it extremely easy for your readers to go from there to share your information with other people. It should include a personal message from you. That message should include a request to the people whom you are addressing to help spread the word about your eBook. Of course, that page should include a share button, which will make it very simple for your readers.
  • Use a contest as a vehicle: You can create a contest and invite your readers to participate. A contest is generally a fun thing to get involved with. You probably will not have to twist most people’s arms to be a part of it. This is part of creating a buzz for the launch of your eBook. Ask your readers to come up with a creative way to do that. The most creative, clever idea gets a prize.
  • Make videos to promote your eBook: Videos are a wonderful way to create buzz. Many people are visual so they respond much more positively to videos than to the written word. Also, there is a higher level of interaction with videos so people who watch them tend to feel that they are more involved with what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish than they are with written words on a page (at least, that is true for some people).
  • Add buttons: When it comes to promoting your eBook, social share buttons are essential for your success. This goes back to the concept of making it as easy as possible on your readers. If the buttons are right in front of them, they will be inclined to click on them and share your content with other people if they think that what you have to say is worthy.


eBooks are a wonderful way to get the most out of the content that you worked so long and hard to write. There are so many ways to promote your eBook through social media and, in many cases, your eBook is less about getting rich than it is about using your eBook as an extremely effective business card. You should start to create a buzz about your eBook way before it is out there. The entire process surrounding your eBook launch should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. You will see what a wonderful impact your efforts make.

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