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How To Promote Your Website

When you first get involved in online marketing, creating a first rate and appealing web presence is only part of the picture. You've got to be able to drive traffic to your website and furthermore ensure that traffic is ready to buy from you or your efforts will have been in vain.

Have you thought in advance about how you're going to promote your website? There's a lot to be said for having a plan in place before you actually design the web pages themselves, as this may well dictate the look and feel of your site.

There are many different ways to drive traffic to your website and you have to be able to focus on a specific plan of attack otherwise you will find that you spend valuable time and effort running around trying to focus on too many objectives.

There are a number of different search engines on the Web and it is in your best interest to ensure that each of these is aware of your new website existence. There are various processes that you can follow to submit to directories and search engines making sure that the number one engine – Google – is the primary focus of attention.

Search engine marketing is a massive industry these days. This is where you can pay to have a text or an image ad appear when visitors search for certain related keywords. This works like an auction where you and your competitors will bid for the right to appear in primary positions on the search engine results page.

Article marketing is an age old method of effectively promoting your website. You create good quality content related to your niche, ensuring that it is informative, educational or inspiring. A unique version is then distributed to highly trafficked websites and article directories around the Internet.

When the article is published it also includes a clickable link pointing back to your website so that people who read your informative article and are inspired to seek further information and go to your website first.

These days it is a good idea for you to get in touch with other publishers around the Internet who are active in your niche. You should not view these individuals or organizations as competitors and "the enemy." If you are creating good quality content as well then you are all contributing equally and fairly to the benefit of your niche.

You may well be able to write as a guest blogger for their highly trafficked blog and vice versa. This can create credibility for you in the eyes of your customers and clickable links from their highly trafficked sites back to yours.

Focus on social media sites as much as possible. This remains a growing trend in the online world today. You should have a branded Facebook page for your organization, as well as a Twitter account. There are a number of other social media sites that could have of interest to you as well, such as LinkedIn.

Finally, when learning how to market your website effectively do not forget to consider a number of "off-line" activities as well, such as including your web address on all your stationery and business cards, attaching the URL to promotional items that you May give away and so on.

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