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How to Use Facebook to Connect in Network Marketing

Many people have asked me how I've found success in marketing on Facebook. My simple answer is that I love to connect with other people.

Facebook offers many ways to connect with others:

1. Update your status regularly. Let others get to know you. I strongly discourage making each update business related. I end up hiding those who only post links to their blogs, links to their sales pages and never offer anything of themselves. This type of updating shows me they only have one reason to be on Facebook and that's to advertise their business. Instead share who you are and what you're doing. The more you share, the more likely you are to connect with others. Make updates about your hobbies, your kids, what you had dinner etc. These are all ways others can find a connection to you.

2. Comment on the statuses of others. I love to read the status updates of others. I will comment if someone mentions a restaurant I've eaten at before. I will comment if someone asks a questions. I'll comment if someone shares something they are doing that I've done before. I'm really looking for a connection.

3. Send private messages to those you want to know better. I send and receive private messages regularly. For example, if someone posts a photo and I recognize the scenery, I'll send them a message sharing how I know about the place their photo was taken. If someone comments on a meal I've eaten, I'll message them with the recipe. I might even message them a month later and ask them if they ever tried it.

4. Join some groups. Facebook offers lots of groups in a wide range of categories. I love scrapbooking. They have scrapbooking groups. I also joined a group of alumni from my old high school. Just last week I met an old friend from high school for dinner.

5. Request new friends. Each time I log onto Facebook, they offer me a group of people that they believe I might want to know. I very often send the person a note along with a friend request.

If your goal with Facebook is to network with others, then try some of the above tips and make it a point to connect with those you find on the network.

Source by Audrey Okaneko

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