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Insider Internet Marketing Secrets – 4 Ways To Increase Sales Immediately

One of the most important factors in your sales letters and ad copy is the element of trust. If your visitors and prospects do not trust you, they will not order from you. Here are 4 quick and easy ways to increase the trust level between you, your web-site visitors, and your newsletter subscribers …

1. Establish yourself as the expert. If your customers do not view you as an expert in your field or market, your sales and conversion rates will certainly reflect it. Do not be afraid to make your qualifications known. Tell people right up front (in your sales letter, newsletter, etc.)) why they should listen to what you have to say vs. the competition. If you're not an expert, find someone who is, and who supports your product or service, to vouch for you.

2. Make sure to have a strong, money back guarantee in place. When I use 3rd party services like ClickBank to take orders, I take advantage of the fact that they literally force me to offer an 8 week guarantee. In my sales letter, I'll say something like, "If you're not satisfied, go 'over my head' straight to ClickBank to request your money back!" … People love knowing that they are in total control over the situation if for some reason they do not like what they purchased. Make your customer feel safe in every way possible (including secure order forms, contact information, etc.).

3. Use a "quality seal" on your site. There are a number of services (in addition to the BBB) that provide you with "quality seals" or graphics that can be placed on your sales pages and order forms, assuming you follow their quality standards (usually simple things like making sure to provide contact info, a guarantee, etc.). Displaying these "trust seals" on your site can have an instant impact on conversions. Honeste Online is one such service you can begin using immediately.

4. Provide customer testimonials. Text testimonials are far better than nothing, but if you want to go all out, provide audio or even video testimonials from your customers. Not only can you display the video testimonials directly on your site, you can also submit them to for additional free traffic and exposure!

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