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Kids Can Benefit From Making Music

Do you ever wonder why so many elementary schools do what they can to include some sort of musical education into their programs? At first glance music education may not seem all that important compared to learning how to read and write, and is that often one of the first programs to be cut. Fortunately more and more people start to realize how important making music is and that our kids can greatly benefit from it.

You do not have to wait until first grade though to let your child start making music. Music can be used as a developmental tool from the time your child is just a few months old. For babies and toddlers, making music is a great way to learn about cause and effect. Think of the baby rattle, when your baby shakes it, it makes a sound. Toddlers will spend hours banging on pots and pans, or hammering on a piano. This kind of playing not only reinforces the cause and effect principal, but also builds your child's confidence. He's feeling all grown up and loves having the people he loves watch him "make music".

As your child grows older, music and different musical instruments are a great way to explore different cultures and customs. Use music from a different country to start a conversation with your child about the culture and people of this region and how their music is influenced by their surroundings.

Music also stimulates your child's brain and helps in the development of areas of the brain that are also used for solving math problems. Children, who are exposed to playing music early on, tend to do better in math and science. Take a little time each week to make music with your child. When you travel, look for simple "native" instruments to bring back as souvenirs. They are a great interactive way for your child to remember the trip. Dig out some of your own old instruments, buy an inexpensive recorder or guitar and play around on it.

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