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Learn About The Benefits Of Drinking Water Daily

One should never underestimate the benefits of drinking water daily, because consuming adequate amounts of this vital liquid is what keeps your body and mind functioning at a high level. The human body is nearly three-quarters water, and a steady supply ensures that there are optimal levels of water available for organ, and brain function. Getting enough of this liquid is vital to your health.

Hardly anyone realizes it, but the vast majority of us walk around in a constant state of mild to medium dehydration. This means that although we can not feel it our bodies are not functioning properly, and most of us do not notice because this is the state we are normally in. We do not realize how much better we could feel if only we could get our hydration levels up to where they should be.

It is often said that to enjoy the benefits of drinking water daily, we need to consume an average of 64 ounces each and every day. The truth is that many of us need to consume a lot more than that. Factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking vitamins and certain medicines, and exercising to the point of perspiring all greatly increase the amount of water we need to take in through the course of our day.

The question however is not whether we should be ingesting a sizeable amount of water throughout the day, but how we can guarantee the safety of our water.

Whether you get most of your water from a tap or a bottle, the fact is that you are consuming a variety of contaminants. This may not surprise you so much about tap water, but the problem may be even worse than you think.

The health benefits of drinking water daily are almost completely thrown out the window when your source is unfiltered tap water. There are as many as 80,000 individual industrial chemical, pharmaceuticals, toxic heavy metals, and pathogens present in your water supply. All industrialized nations have them, and ingesting these contaminants can have a severe effect on your health.

Many people believe that bottled water is safer than tap water is, because they think what they are drinking is purified water. All most bottled water products consist of is tap water that has been filtered to reduce chlorine and odor, and improve taste. Bottled water is subject to the same toxins, carcinogens, and pathogens that are present in your water at home.

So, how do you take advantage of the potential health benefits of drinking water daily, when it looks like that all sources of water are available to you are tainted?

You purify your own drinking water by installing a tap water filter equipped with an ion exchange, activated granular carbon, and a sub micron filter.

This device will provide you with water that is up to 99.99% free of harmful contaminants.

By taking advantage of the effectiveness of this simple device you can really begin to enjoy the health benefits of drinking water daily.

By drinking enough really purified water you body and mind will function at their best, and you will feel better than you've ever felt before.

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