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Learn the Features and Benefits of the Yamaha YPG-635 Digital Piano

Yamaha YPG-635 portable 88-key grand piano offers a real grand piano-like feel that is heavier at the lower end and lighter in the high end.

Display of Chord, Lyric and Notation.

The YPG-635 displays a song’s score whether it is from the Internet, internal selections or even ones which you record yourself. In addition, the pages automatically scroll whenever a song is replayed. No more need to turn pages. For singers, the screen will also display lyrics and chords to songs that are XF compatible. For persons who want to learn how to play, displayed notations allow you to be able to hear a song while following the displayed notes.

USB Connectivity – Bringing Music Right To The Keyboard. There are two USB ports on the rear of the Yamaha YPG-635 which have the following functionality:

USB TO HOST – is simple plugging and playing for recording and replaying MIDI files, and for transferring information to and from the computer. Inserting a USB flash memory into the terminal of the USB TO DEVICE allows songs that are created on the device and registered settings to be kept on or downloaded from the medium of the memory. The device can be used also to transfer downloaded song data from internet to instrument. It can work with the performance-assistance technology and also the features of the Yamaha Education Suite that are mentioned below. In addition, songs save to the USB flash memory in the MIDI file mode can be used with the features as well.

Easily Operated

Several tools are in the keyboard making it easier to be a powerful instrument from the first moment you use the keyboard.

Music Database is Expandable

There are entire keyboard song title set-ups. The keyboard chooses a suitable voice for the right-hand melody, the right musical style and the right tempo. It simply pulls up a song title and begins to play it.

OTS (One Touch Setting)

This offers you a recommended voice with corresponding effects for each style. For instance, the OTS may be a piano on a jazz style, an acoustic guitar for Latin style and a guitar having overdrive etc for rock style.

Registration Memory

This organizes the keyboard just as you want it and snap a digital picture by placing it into memory in the registration buttons which are located conveniently just over the keyboard. It can load as well as save as much as 16 registrations to the user memory.

PAT (Performance Assistant Technology)

The Yamaha performance-assistant technology feature guarantees that you cannot play an incorrect melody chord or note. This works by simply selecting a song and pressing ‘performance.’

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