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Mantras – How to Chant Them and What Are Its Benefits

Chanting mantras will develop one's mental powers and take him / her to a higher level of consciousness. Chanting also improves memory and power of concentration, the essential qualities for an achiever, in any field, that one leads to pursuit. Chanting still remains a thought-after psychosomatic route to physical and intellectual wellness.

Its looks strange to some and it also seems, hard to believe that just by chanting these mantras one can bring about these tremendous changes in one. Chants are energy-based sounds. When voicing a word or a phrase the sound produces a physical vibration. Chanting done in a prescribed way affects the abdominal area [from where the chant notes arise] the lungs, and the circulatory system. Chants are known to create thought-energy waves.

Even when one does not know the meaning of the word or the phrase, mere chanting of the word or the phrase, rhythmically, creates a neuro-linguistic effect [NLE] You just have to repeat the chant over and over, without missing the punctuations , pauses, pronunciation, notation and length and force of the chant.

But when you know the meaning of the word or the phrase, that you are chanting, it will tune your mind towards the goal. This is called Psycho-Linguistic Effect [PLE] Research done on these effects have disclosed that these effects are due to production and spread of chemicals in the brain, which have a calming and curative effect on the body. Mere listening to mantras regulates blood pressure, the heart rate, brain waves and the adrenalin levels.

How to chant the Mantras:

[1] Learn from a Guru, who knows which mantra you need.

[2] Do not sit on the floor, always use a mat or a rug.

[3] Close your eyes and concentrate on what you are chanting.

[4] Breathe deeply and slowly.

[5] Sit in a relaxed posture and straight.

[6] Chant to the exact pronunciation, slowly and clearly.

[7] Sync the chanting with your breathing.

Benefits of Chanting Mantras:

[1] Chanting will help one to develop his / her mental power and strength.

[2] Chanting will ease your stress, wipe out your anger, fear and depression.

[3] Chanting will help alleviate disorders of respiratory, digestive, reproductive, circulatory, speech, intellectual and cognitive systems.

[4] Chanting will help one to improve his / her memory and power of concentration.

[5] Chanting creates a thought-energy wave in the physical body.

[6] Chanting will help you to meditate. Meditation requires focus. When you chant with concentration you mind gets focused.

[7] Chanting synchronize the body, mind, voice and breath thebyyaving for inner harmony.

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