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Masters Certificate in Online Marketing Exposed

Have you noticed the increase of educational institutions promoting Masters or Bachelors Certificates in online marketing? Well, if you have, then I'd like to share my thoughts on the differences between having technical knowledge and real-world experience when it comes to marketing your product (or anything else) online.

The online university I researched for my article offers a "MASTER CERTIFICATE IN ONLINE MARKETING." Certificates are best used to supplement an existing education or help someone who is trying to break into a new field of work. The university boasts you will become an "Internet Marketing Expert" upon completion.

Earning this certificate consists of 3 eight-week certificate courses:

1 Integrated Online Strategies

2 Search Engine Marketing and Usability

3 Advanced Interactive Marketing and Measurement

Each of the 3 courses costs $ 2400 and, currently, can be bought together in a special package deal for $ 5995 plus the cost of shipping, and you can attend class in front of your computer.

The course titles may sound a little intimidating, but they are very inclusive of things you'll need to know to market on the net successfully. Examples? You'll learn to: Develop and enhance a revenue-generating website that draws new visitors; Promote your company, your clients or yourself through social media, viral video, affiliate networks, mobile media and other Internet marketing tools; Drive more traffic to your site; Use web analytics to fine-tune your online strategy; Adapt the best practices of successful Internet marketers for your own website or campaign; Prepare for certification from Google Advertising Professionals and Web Analytics Association.

The instructors have real-world experience and are available by email and phone to help you with questions. All in all, it's a great program. So what others me about it?

The internet moves so fast that it only takes one or two "Google Slaps" (a change in the way Google allows you to advertise on the net) for you to fall behind. Often, the techniques you learn may be outdated before you put them to use. You will need continuously current information to keep your skills sharp and take advantage of the things you are taught. There may be way too much advanced info being given for "newbies." Those new to online marketing would benefit from learning a few of the basics. Plus, these folks who have earned their stripes are now teaching and, if you remember the movie "Back to School," Rodney Dangerfield told his marketing teacher about the realities of marketing in the real world of self interests and pit falls. I would prefer to be in the trenches with someone who has a vested interest in whether I succeed or not; therefore, I would rather learn from and be mentored by someone who currently makes a living through Internet Marketing.

For arguably the best education and mentoring program on the internet, click on the link below and I'll show it to you.

By the way, it costs a lot less than $ 5,995.

Source by David Alan Jones

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