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Network on Social Media Sites

Once you have a few friends signed up who can vouch for your credibility, you can start trying to network. Before that, it might be anyone's guess whenever the profile represents a live person or a creation of someone's active commerce imagination. So, friends are crucial to giving your profile some authenticity. And, we all know that people do not buy products or do commerce with people they do not trust.

Now, you will want to join some networks. This will be under your Accounts link. After getting into your account page, you will want to select the network tab. You may already be included in a network, others you will have to join. University networks may require you to be a current student with an email address on the university server to confirm sign-up to the network. You can only join up to five networks. Now, do not confuse networks with networking. After all, networks facilitating networking on many social media sites, but you can network with anyone wherever you join their network group or not. Probably for that reason and the groups option, Many social media sites is staging out networks in the near future.

So, see, networking in many social media sites is not difficult. That's because there are already various networks and groups in existence on many social media sites, from geographically based networks to university networks. In fact, if you filled out your hometown, you can easily start to network with people in your area by clicking on the name of your home town in the profile. Voila! Now you see one of the most powerful features of many social media sites and why you should be accurate and thorough when creating your own profile. It will lead you to numerous networking opportunities based on your profile alone, whether a network or group for that particular demographic exists or not.

Networking, as mentioned earlier, can also be accomplished by clicking on any link in your profile. If you want to find people who might have a book you read in common, just click on the title and many social media sites will come up with all the members who picked that as their favorite book too. This can lead to very interesting and social ways to network and get market leads. For instance, if you were selling beauty products, you could go to and find out what might be selling under beauty books. List that as one of your favorite books, click on it, and find many other people who make a perfect demographic for your commerce. Then, you can ask to be their friend by not mentioning your message that you both like the same book. You have not sold them anything yet, but they might be more inclined to add you as friend if they perceive you and they already have a connection.

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