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Oprah's Resveratrol Benefits – Their Anti-Aging Value & Dietary Benefits Exposed Now!

Resveratrol is a phytoalexin created naturally by certain plants under the circumances of attack by pathogens like fungi or bacteria. It is developed by chemical synthesis and sold as a natural supplement, especially for its anti-aging properties.

In experiments on mice and rats, resveratrol has been found to be an effective anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory. It also reduces the level of blood sugar and benefits the cardiovascular system. In experiments on fruit flies, nematode worms, and short-living fish, resveratrol treatment has shown an extension in the lives of these organisms. Such effects, however, still need to be tested and reproduced in humans.

Effects of Resveratrol

Cancer prevention – Reports on topical application of this chemical compound display prevention of skin cancer from developing among carcinogen-treated mice. But up to now, there is no evidence of having the same effects on humans. Even when massive amounts of resveratrol have been treated to animal models for various cancers and other diseases, effects are not promising.

Athletic performance – Studies have shown that resveratrol's effects on better endurance is due to the activated Sirtuin 1 gene. People with increased variations of the Sirtuin 1 gene have faster metabolism which help them to burn energy.

Neurodegenerative illness- Researches hypothesize that resveratrol chelated copper from brain. Studies on animal models have shown good effects of this chemical compound when treated for diseases such as Alzheimer's. It inhibits the plaque from forming in the brains.

Radiation Protection- the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine conducted a study on resveratrol and its effect on radiation. The result conveyed positively as there is protection against radiation from resveratrol.

Until this time, researchers and discussions on this subject are ongoing. Its effects on animals may not be true to humans until proven by extensive research.

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