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Parents Should Realize the Benefits of Toddler Swimming Classes

The benefits of toddler swimming classes are extremely important to any parent and they should realize this. This article will discuss the tangible benefits, both physically and mentally to a toddler and their developmental years. Physically speaking, swimming is a great healthy activity, one of the only ones, that can be enjoyed by one as tender and as young as a toddler.

While having spent 9 months within the womb of their mother still fresh within latent memories, going back into the water would seem only natural to them again. While I know many parents fear putting someone so young as their toddler in the swimming pool, it is perfectly safe, and if all the normal safety precautions and gear are worn and they are there to monitor their children, swimming is a harmless activity.

Swimming instructors, especially child swimming instructors always have advocated early lessons and this is because it allows them to form a natural affinity for the water, and swimming is a large part of a modern child (and adults) life as a form of social activity and a sort of exercise as well. A word about exercise, when a toddler is introduced to the water and bonds with it, it never leaves the mind. Swimming then becomes a fun filled activity and it is no longer a routine. Looking forward to exercising is something that should be instilled in everyone at an early age.

Swimming with your toddler is also an excellent bonding experience to have, for both you and your child. Child psychologists often tout the cooling effect of the water, the gentle environment, the tactile combination of your touch and that of the water lending itself to an excellent environment where parent and child can strengthen their bond. It is also a very soothing environment for the child as well, which means less stress for them. While this is not proven yet, babies who do go for swimming classes with their parents tend to cry less and are much more relaxed.

Also, it avoids the formation of phobias, like hydrophophobia, or any one of the associated fears of water and swimming. When toddlers associate water with their parents, with a fun filled activity and love, then they will enjoy swimming and will be able to enjoy a full social life as they progress on to their later years. Phobias and fears are formed within the subconscious mind of a child with events that are related to trauma and mental association.

Planting in a positive association with the water in a child will promote a healthy affection for the water and get them into a positive cycle. These are just some of the benefits that parents should realize are associated with toddler swimming classes. There are a great many of them available and when you do, make sure that you choose one that has a certified child swimming instructor and an environment where they can learn and have fun, together with you.

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