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Profitable Social Media & How To Establish Yourself In The Field Of Social Media

Social media refers to the practices and technologies that people use to share information such as content, opinions, experiences and insights through various forms including text, images, audio and of course … video!

The social media sites typically make use of tools like forums, message boards, bookmarks, communities, blogs and wikis to attract more online users.

Some of the popular social media sites are following: MySpace and Friendster (social networking), YouTube (video sharing), Wikipedia (wikis), Flickr (photo sharing), and Warcraft (online gaming).

If you would like to establish yourself in these social media, here's how …


Update your web site regularly and add useful links to blogs, interesting images, noteworthy articles and video contents. This will make your site more appealing.


Make good use of RSS feeds. RSS feeds can add fresh information to your site, and will then attract more online readers. Web traffic will certainly increase because of RSS feeds. Certainly your site's stickiness will.


On your site, offer several of the bookmarking services (such as to make it easier for readers to bookmark your web site and then be informed as your site is updated.


Submit interesting articles, videos, or images to other sites. You can also join other social media. This will not only promote partnership with other sites but it will also serve as a sort of marketing campaign for your site. Expanding your own network is a must for successful use of the social media.


A basic rule for using the social media is that it is important to know your target audience or market. Especially how they search – in other words, the keywords they will be using. Knowing this will allow you to use their keywords so they will find your site.

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