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Psychological Benefits of Not Smoking

Psychologically, the benefits of not smoking are far reaching. For smokers trying to kick the habit, you will appear as a role model once you have quit smoking yourself. They say that just about every second smoker wishes to end the habit of smoking at some point in the future. Nonetheless, not many sincerely make an effort to quit smoking and never to smoke again in the future. It is very surprising to note how the look on the people’s face changes on hearing that you have quit smoking. It may come as a shock to some of your smoker friends but as a nice surprise for the majority of your friends. Just envisage how proud you will be! This leads to an increased level of confidence once you stop smoking. This is just one of the many benefits of not smoking.

The cigarette smoke reeks of a nasty, acrid smell. Smoking produces a bad stink in your mouth and also the surrounding space. The acrid smell hangs around for a longer duration if you light up in an air-conditioned area. This affects you as well as non- smoking individuals in that area. Thus, others have to put up with this due to your inclination to smoke. It sounds pretty selfish. One of the benefits of not smoking is that you will never have to be anxious about the horrible smell again.

The benefits of not smoking can be better understood by being aware of the reality. The main impetus for smokers to take up smoking in the past has been the coolness factor usually associated with this act. But the fact is cigarette smoking is no longer thought of as a cool thing. That is now a thing of the past, when almost everybody smoked. People are aware now that the habit of smoking is detrimental. In the past, cigarette makers created the cool image using t shrewdly intended ads.

But now, for the smart people, the lure of coolness is losing ground, knowing the danger to health that this habit poses. Being aware of the potential peril, the benefits of not smoking are not just restricted to having better health, but also improve your image.

When smokers light up in public places, they inevitably attract cold stares from the populace. It is awkward for the smoker as well as others. Another addition to the list of the Benefits of not smoking is being able to walk tall in public places, without any of the old feeling of guilt.

Thus, resisting the temptation to light up a cigarette offers many benefits. The psychological implications are myriad.

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