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Quit Smoking Benefits – Some Thought Provokers

We all know that smoking is bad for health but as a smoker who may be considering quitting, it is useful to know a little more about the benefits of stopping smoking. Here is a run down of some of the most important benefits to quitting the smokers.

Quit Smoking Benefit # 1: Smokers live on average, 8 years less than non-smokers. Research has shown that about half of all smokers will die prematurely as a result of smoking. What this actually translates as is that you have a 50/50 chance of living to your natural end. Alternately, if smoking takes you early, it will do so on average, 16 years earlier than if you had been a non-smoker.

Quit Smoking Benefit # 2: About 1 in 7 smokers will contract cancer as a direct result of smoking. About 1 in 8 smokers will contract lung cancer. Importantly, quitting smoking can reduce your chances of contracting lung cancer, immediately after you stop. Lung cancer has a very poor long-term survival rate, with fewer than 1 in 20 people living 5 years after diagnosis in the US.

Quit Smoking Benefit # 3: About 1 in 16 smokers will be diagnosed with incurable degenerative lung diseases such as emphysema. Emphysema is a disease where your lungs literally stop working and become unable to provide you with oxygen. Over the course of a few years, emphysema patients naturally suffocate with no hope of cure. Quitting greatly reduces your risk of further lung damage.

Quit Smoking Benefit # 4: Smokers run twice the chance of dying from heart disease as non-smokers but there are immediate improvements in heart health the moment you stop smoking.

Quit Smoking Benefit # 5: A smoker's blood is poisoned with a cocktail of chemicals including Carbon Monoxide – the gas that kills you when your gas boiler does not work properly. Carbon monoxide incapacitates up to 15% of a smoker's blood so that it can not carry oxygen around the body. The body can repair this blood in around two days of a smoker quitting cigarettes.

Quit Smoking Benefit # 6: Smokers run a higher risk of suffering a stroke, potentially leaving them unable to speak or eat properly or even walk. Stoke sufferers can often live for many years after their stroke in this incapacitated and handicapped state. A smoker who quits can reduce their chances of suffering a stroke to the same level as a non-smoker in as few as five years after quitting.

Quit Smoking Benefit # 7: Smokers stink. Any non-smoker when asked will tell you that smokers not only smell bad, they look bad with a gray complexion and yellow teeth. Do yourself a favor and everyone who has to look at you too!

Quit Smoking Benefit # 8: Smokers have poor circulation and a long-term risk that smokers have is that they may lose circulation to a point where they may need a limb amputated. Quitting smoking will see noticeable improvements in circulation within as little as three months.

Quit Smoking Benefit # 9: Smoking promotes high blood pressure that means the heart must work harder to pump your disabled blood around your body. Quitting smoking helps to reduce blood pressure over time and so reduce the risk of an unhealthy, enlarged heart.

Quit Smoking Benefit # 10: Smoking costs you a lot of money. If the cigarettes were actually really made from dollar bills, would you still burn them? Why not save yourself some money and spend it on something you can really enjoy instead of something that will really kill you huh?

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