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Saw Palmetto Benefits – 2 Reasons to Take a Look at This Herb!

Today I'm going to share with you the leading saw palmetto benefits and what this substance really is. Saw palmetto originated from the South East of the United States of America. Some folklore mention that thousands of years ago Indians would dry the saw palmetto fruit and eat it year-round as a food source. It was also used as medicine to treat various conditions such as low libido, infertility in women, digestion and chest congestion.

One the largest benefits of this plant has to do with the prostate. A guys prostate is near the bladder and the urethra that carries urine out of the body. It's job is to help make the white fluid that helps make a baby. This gland starts small about the size of a walnut, but the older someone gets the bigger it gets. This gland then can push up on the tube that carries urine out of the body and this is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH for short.

BPH can cause problems such as frequent urination, having difficulty maintaining urination or trouble starting urination. Also an enlarged prostate could increase the odds of prostate cancer, but right now there is no evidence that it does. According to the NYU Langone Medical Center most research suggests this herb can improve the symptoms of BPH and 2 out of 3 men respond reasonably well to it. Also saw palmetto causes a slight, but noticeable shrinkage to this gland. The American Cancer Society notes that chemicals in this plant prevent the body's natural response to testosterone, which reduces prostate cell growth and men may experience fewer symptoms of BPH.

The next area that saw palmetto can help with is testosterone. Improved testosterone levels can help the bones, heart, weight loss, gaining muscle, the brain and the most important area it helps is will lovemaking. In the 2009 Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition there was a study that saw palmetto decreased estrogen, while improving testosterone.

Another idea on reducing testosterone would be to limit something called bisphenol A. This substance is found in plastics, so cooking foods with plastic in the microwave is not good, as well as consuming a lot of can foods. Believe it or not there is plastic in canned foods.

To sum everything up saw palmetto can help a man with BPH symptoms. These symptoms include frequent urination, trouble starting and maintaining urination. It may reduce the size of the prostate that could reduce the risk of prostate cancer, but there is not any evidence of this. This herb has also been known to increase testosterone levels which can help bone strength, the heart, weight loss, muscle growth, the brain and with lovemaking.

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