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Secrets Of Stumbleupon – Becoming A Top Stumbler

Becoming a top stumbler is the ultimate goal when you use Stumbleupon. I have not reached it yet, but I know it’s out there.

I believe that if you follow just a few steps every day with it that you will reach this page. Yes “top stumbler” and “top stumblers” are keywords in Stumbleupon, but don’t confuse them with becoming a top Stumbler. Top Stumblers are chosen by the moderators of SU.

My friend Brian from, wrote an exceptional article on the flocking behaviour and the effect that any social media site has. People are curious about other people, and like people flock together where there is good content. This is what makes Stumbleupon such a marvelous site.

To get top stumbler means that:

1. you are posting frequently,

2. tagging your posts with “top stumbler” and “top stumblers”,

3. have close to if not over the 200 friend limit, and

4. using the stumble button to view other web pages from other Stumblers.

The average number of votes for a top stumbler is around 18,000. These are the three basics that were written about previously plus the additional task of stumbling pages yourself. The mechanisms will take over and you will get top Stumbler on the basis of 1. Reviews and 2. votes.

The links to the previous articles on Secrets of Stumbleupon in the original post which is linked in the authors information at the end of this article for your convenience so you can read up on the basics:

1. Introduction

2. Fresh Content

3. Tagging Your Posts

4. Making And Keeping Friends

Some clarification on #4:

Reviewing their site and then “contact” them with a request to be your friends is the easiest way to make friends. There is a wide choice of friends in Stumbleupon, even though it may not be the largest social site around. There are 3,698,021 registered Stumblers, so this should not be much of a problem.

I would not make them your friend until they show up as having subscribed to your pages in the friend tab, otherwise you end up with a lot that will just need to be deleted. Also, check their active date on their pages tab. I usually let them go for about a month and then “Remove friend”. Anyone not interested in the pursuits that you are interested in is not going to be much help to you.

Also, use the “Send to” button to “force stumble” your friends. Put in a brief message to get their attention. When they hit the stumble button, your page will show up. Guaranteed traffic! Takes about 30 minutes.

Eventually, you will also start getting pages sent to you from your friends. Help them out by voting! And remember this when you get a thumbs down. A thumbs down counts as a vote. It is a good thing, not to be taken badly. You expect others to take your thumbs down graciously when you give it out, don’t you? You will not make many friends if you do the knee jerk reaction and get defensive.

I appreciate the opportunity to share the information I have learned with you. This is by no means is the last post on this subject as long as I am a SU user even though, from a basics point of view, this may be considered the last of this series.

The cumulative visit statistics from Stumbleupon for each of these posts:

1. Introduction – 291 (submitted on 10/1/07, 22 days)

2. Fresh Content – 692 (submitted on 10/2/07, 21 days)

3. Tagging Your Posts – 1702 (submitted on 10/13/07, 10 days)

4. Making And Keeping Friends – 1737(submitted yesterday 10/21/07, 1 day)

Anyone else see a trend?

Source by Leonard Bartholomew

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