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Social Media Strategy Plan – Reaching A Whole New Level Of Income

If you are ever going to reach your financial goals you need to implement the proper strategies through a social media strategy plan. You are about to discover very specific strategies that my team has been implementing with tremendous success.

The first thing we need to realize is that social media is about building relationships through content that you create to help others within your niche. This can be in the form of articles or videos. When we talk about a social media strategy plan, we immediately think of twitter, Facebook and so many other very popular websites.

While these websites hold massive income for you, we need to realize that a blog must be your central hub. Think about a wheel with your blog in the middle. Your content now goes out to social media with various links back to your blog.

That content is now shared with thousands of other people when you follow the strategies below and those people visit your blog as well. For every article I write there will be at least 50 other websites who will take this article and place it on their blog.

As long as they keep the links in place within the resource box this is completely legal. Those links though are all pointing to my blog or another page of resources that can help those who are reading this articles. So with your blog in the middle and content now going into the many social media platforms which get shared by thousands of others, and your links are all coming back to your central hub, your blog.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the setup of your blog as that is for another article. Be sure though that you have the following plugins to help you get your blog post ranked highly within Google:

  • All in one SEO
  • XML Sitemap
  • DiggDigg

The first two will help you a lot to set your blog up correctly for search engine optimization. The diggdigg is a great plugin that allows the visitors that you are about to have to share your blog with other people through out the social media community.

Now it’s time to understand a specific social media affiliate strategy that will drive massive traffic to your blog. You must have the proper marketing funnel in place or the traffic you get will not do you any good. I will go into more detail about the marketing funnel later in the article.

Once you create your content it is time to get that content out to the masses with backlinks to your blog. Many of the links coming back to your blog should lead your prospect to a professional looking capture page which offers a free gift in exchange for their name and email.

Remember that building your list is the single most important part of your business and will offer a lifetime of financial security. Once you publish each new blog post you will want to syndicate that content with the following:

  • Join onlywire and sign up for all 30 plus free accounts. Be sure to look under their tools and drag their bookmarklet onto your toolbar.
  • Now each time you add a new blog post you can simply go up to your onlywire bookmark and share button and blast your new post out to 35 of the strongest websites on the planet. Once you click the bookmark you will see a place to add your tags which should be your exact keywords.
  • You will also see a place to add notes which should be the first paragraph of your blog post which must include the keyword you are trying to optimize.
  • Now go to your diggdigg bar and click each one to syndicate your new blog post to 5 high page rank websites that again will drive a lot of traffic to your blog.
  • Now go to twitter and tweet the exact URL of your new blog post

What would social media be without facebook. Head over to Facebook and join at least 25 groups within your niche. Take the exact URL from your blog post and click on link within each group and paste the URL into the box.

Now all your title, description and an image will automatically fill in. The image and title are now links to the URL you entered, this is so very strong. Visit Facebook a few times a week as it only takes about 20 minutes to post your blog in 30 groups.

Everything above will accomplish two very important goals. First you will have traffic, and second you will have massive backlinks which will push many of the post within your blog to page one of Google.

Source by Joseph Musumeci

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