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Social Media Training – 3 Reasons You Must Use Social Media Such As Facebook

Social media sites are one of the best ways to promote your product, business or service. When marketing a product or service it is critical to target an audience who is either looking for such a product or who can somehow benefit from it. Using social media sites as a marketing tool is definitely a viable way to achieve great results. Below you will find 3 reason why you should have social media sites as part or your marketing repertoire.

1. Social Media Sites provide you with a very large amount of people to market to

As of January 5th, 2011, Facebook alone had around 600 million active users. Did you get that ?! 600 million members. Social media sites are so powerful nowdays that it would be fool of you to ignore them or stay away from them.

On one single day 1.5 million pieces of media are uploaded into Facebook, that includes picture, videos, links, etc. There are literally millions of people logged into Facebook at any time of the day. Finding the best way to attract people who are interested in what you have to offer brings us to the second point.

2. Social Media Sites make it easier to work with a targeted audience.

Each Social Media Network is composed of thousands of sub networks, and each sub network is composed of people who have something in common. It is just a matter of knowing how to find the right group and start marketing to them.

In Facebook there are different ways to find a targeted audience , you can either search for groups that are related to you niche, you can go to fan pages of people or institutions that are inside of your industry and look at their followers, or / and you can go to the pages of individuals who are leaders in your industry and look at their friends or followers.

The number of people you can market to within Facebook alone, is surely higher than the amount of people to whom you can effectively market within your life time.

3. Social Media Sites are excellent for boosting sales and website traffic

By using minority strategies you can easily boost you sales and drive more traffic to your website. Sometimes people manage their Facebook page as their main website because it has become so powerful that they can run a complete business without ever having to worry about other channels.

Remember, however, that these sites are not really meant to advertise or market anything, social networks are exactly that, groups of people who get together in one way or another around a common interest. Any effort to aggressively or directly promote any product, service or company is usually frowned upon by the sites' administrators and the users.

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