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Social Networking and Squidoo – Using Squidoo for Effective Social Networking

Social Networking is one of those “buzz word” phrases that gets a lot of attention, but not a lot of respect. It’s the same with Squidoo. Many folks are talking about the “MySpace for grownups” that Squidoo represents, but do you have a lens there? Do you even know what a lens is?

The most important growth in using the Internet for marketing is on a personal level. People are going to their peer group to find out what they want. More and more, the authority of the average person counts for more than SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages). Even the search engines are noticing and “loving” the common man by giving top billing to classified ads, eBay listings and Social Networking pages.

Gone are the days when you could put up a Web site or Blog, optimized for special keywords, and count on either good placement in Google searches or tons of “backlinks” to you. In fact, it’s become almost a regular occurrence for your hard work to end up ignored and unloved. Now you need validation from your peers and the wider world before you can have an impact.

Here’s where I tell you what to do: go poke around Squidoo and see what folks are doing there. If you’re into Internet Marketing, there are scores of pages on the subject, linking together a wealth of resources on the subject. You’ll also find personal lenses that are just about people’s lives and interests: pets, coffee, social issues, more pets, more coffee, photography, charities, etc. A lens is a focus on a person’s passion, profession or pet peeve.

My interest is effective article marketing, and using all the tools available to maximize my efforts. My Squidoo page is a part of this effort, just as well as putting up articles at well respected, high Page Rank article directories. A clever article marketer will actually have an RSS feed of the articles from just such a place on his/her Squidoo page.

The actual “how-to” of using techniques is best found by searching Squidoo’s pages for highly ranked authors, and using other resources that are to hand.

Source by Vince Runza

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