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Some Benefits of Elliptical Training

In the majority of gyms today you will find a great number of elliptical training machines. They are a very popular choice for people who are looking to get into shape or want to maintain their fitness levels.

So What are the benefits of elliptical training compared to the Treadmill?

Not too long ago the most popular piece of training equipment found in gyms was the treadmill. The main benefit that the elliptical has over the treadmill is the all over body workout achieved with the elliptical, whereas the treadmill is geared to training the lower body only.

The elliptical has also been hailed as a great time saver. For instance is it possible to actually increase the calories burned when training on an elliptical. Also training on an elliptical is much easier on the joints as opposed to the treadmill where you are exercising a lot of pressure on the hips, legs, feet and knees.

The more of training of this type on the treadmill the older you get the possibility of damage to the joints increases. Where the elliptical has a swinging motion which allows the tendons and muscles to take the stress of the exercise routine. This is in contrast to the treadmill where you are exercising the whole downward weight onto your lower body.

Using the Elliptical Training Machine compared to the popular Stationary Bike

The stationary bike is another popular choice for people in the local gym or at home. This cardio training method gives a good workout for the lower body. However on the downside, it does not provide any training to the upper body, therefore this equates to less calories burned as you are using less muscles in the workout routine.

When the amount of calories burned is less then this means that your training time will actually have to be longer to achieve the same results. However, the bike is far less stressful on the joints compared to the treadmill, and not less than that of the elliptical. So when using the stationary bike you will not be exercising the upper body there before it should be clear the benefits of elliptical training over the exercise bike.

The Stair Master compared to the Elliptical Trainer.

The stair master also provides a full body workout just like the elliptical, however, it does have more impact on the body. This piece of equipment may also be hard on the joints and the muscles, therefore, it may be worthwhile to try out the elliptical training machine to see and maybe feel the difference.

So you can see why the elliptical training machine is a popular choice for people who want to get into shape. If you have yet to try an elliptical training machine, they call into your local gym and have word with one of the fitness trainers. They will happy to give you a demonstration and help you with a workout routine using the elliptical.

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